Take Me Away

One her 18th birthday Arianna receive a letter in the mail. It is her parents' will entitling her to £10,000.00. This was her chance to leave her rotten parents (ones that adopted her) that abused her and mistreated her. Since she's always wanted to be a singer, Arianna applies to her dream school, (not real) Union Music Academy. It was fairly new, but popular. But when she goes, she doesn't expect to meet Zayn Malik from One Direction...and fall in love with him?


16. A Cute Couple


"Way to go Cupid," Harry said to me as I walked over to him. we were in the dorm building's lobby  Louis, Harry, Liam and me, waiting for Zayn to fix Arianna. "Cupid? What do you mean?" I asked, a bit confused. "Looks like Arianna and Zayn hit it off well. Just see for yourself," Harry said pointing at the stairs. Arm in arm, down walked Arianna, looking so happy, and Zayn, looking equally as happy. I smiled to myself. They looked so cute together. I wasn't really jealous, heck I didn't even know my feelings for Arianna, but now it was safe to say that she wasn't the one for me. 

"Maybe I can find someone for you next," I joked with Harry. He let out a pretend love-sick sigh. We all laughed. Suddenly, someone wrapped their arms around me. "Thank you," Arianna said. I hugged her back and smiled. Then she hugged the others and said the same thing. "What was that for?" Liam said after she hugged him. "I just wanted to thank you guys for always being there for me... Also I wanted to say I'm sorry if I hurt you guys," she was looking down and playing with her sleeves. "Don't worry about it, you're alright now, that's all that matters," Liam said. 

Zayn wrapped his arms around Arianna's waist. "By the way, it's also safe to say that we are dating," Zayn said proudly and kissed the back of her neck. They were so cute.


I had been watching the whole time as they just laughed and had a good time. I felt myself growling as they walked out of the lobby. It wasn't fair. I had loved Zayn ever since the beginning, and he was going out with Arianna. That should have been me in his arms. I hated her, so much.

I walked back up the stairs towards my room. I stopped myself in front of Arianna's room when I noticed her door was slightly ajar. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. Nobody. I slid into her room and observed. It was plain, and neat. But there was the mess on her bed that caught my attention. Traveling over to it, I picked up pieces of paper with lyrics on it. So this is what she was turning in for the assignment? I hated to admit it, but it was good, but I also knew how I could get back at her for stealing my man. I laughed to myself as I gathered up the papers and went to my room.

First I took pictures of them and posted them of Twitter. I had posted a bunch of stuff about Arianna and Niall being together, just to break her, but she was a tough one to break. Now let's see what happens. {@plastic1D: Hey guys, here's the look at the lyrics @AriannaLedelle wrote for Niall, what a drama queen} I posted it onto Twitter and as usual, got attacked by girls telling me to leave her alone, and that they were not going out. I rolled my eyes and posted more junk. "It's stuffy, need some fresh air," I said opening my window and saw a golden opportunity  There was Arianna and Zayn, giving each other a kiss on the lips. Even if I hated the scene, I snapped a picture on my phone and posted it on Twitter. {@plastic1D: Look at @AriannaLedelle cheating on @NiallOfficial with @Zaynmalik}. I smiled to myself. That girl will surely break this time.


My phone kept lighting up in the restaurant. Liam, Louis, Harry, and I were patiently waiting for the new love birds to join us, but they were taking their time. It was getting boring. I grabbed my phone and nearly threw it at the wall. "What's wrong Nialler, your face has gone all red?" Louis said in a half serious half joking tone. I passed my phone over to him so he could see the tweets himself. Louis gasped. Liam and Harry went on their phones to check the tweets, they also gasped. Just then, Zayn and Arianna walked into the restaurant. I grabbed my phone and said, "If they don't mention it, we don't say anything until we go home." They boys nodded in unison. "Hey boys," Arianna said coming up behind Liam, which caused him to jump. "S-Sorry, you just scared me," Liam said quickly. Zayn eyed him suspiciously, but Arianna just shrugged and took the seat next to him, which made Zayn sit next to me. 

After we ordered our food, Zayn turned to me while Arianna was talking to Louis and whispered, "You guys are acting funny, what's up?" I took a sip of water and then whispered back, "Twitter. Some girl keeps tweeting that Arianna and are a  thing and that she's cheating on me with you... a bunch of other stuff too... Plus she or he took pictures of Arianna's assignment and tried to humiliate her." Zayn's face was twitching with anger. "Try to calm down, if she sees your face she might freak out." Zayn got up. "Uh I'll be back, just going to the loo," he said and walked off. Arianna watched him as he walked away then turned back to her conversation. I noticed Liam trying hard to keep calm by playing with one of the buttons oh his shirt. This was going to be a long night.

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