Elle was a social outcast.
She claims that it was their fault. But what exactly can push a person to the point where they feel the need to hurt everyone?


1. Chapter 1

They drove me to do this. Contant mockery and obvious exclusion, and they thought they could get away with it? Well they've got another thing coming. There's nothing I do better than revenge.

I spent years in that hell-hole, being accused and assulted daily. I was classified as socially awkward, an outcast. Even the teachers looked down on me. Do you know what that's like? I couldn't tell anyone what wsas going on, even if I tried, no-one cared. So I had enough. My parents allowed me to be homeschooled, and that did help a little, but there was still social network bullying. It all began to boil up inside me. I hated it.

I hate it, and I hate everyone that was involved. Like I said before, there's nothing I do better than revenge.

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