Main Street Love.!

Carleigh Page Allen was a normal teenage girl. She was in love with the teenage heart throb boy band. One Direction. She just has a rough past. When she gets some horrible news one day she goes on a walk to clear her mind. That is when she runs into a very familiar face that makes her forget about her past until one day she comes face to face with someone she though she would never see again. But maybe her MAIN STREET LOVE will save her from this horrible past. Again. But will something make her break? Read Main Street Love to find out! (:


2. The dream and The Walk.!

Carleigh's POV

*doorbell* "Oh I wonder who that could be?!" I opened the door. "Hi were One Direction!" Niall walks towards me. "Are you Carleigh Allen?" "Yes that's me!" I replied hesitantly. "Then we are here to sweep you off into the sunset!" Oh my gosh me and One Direction! "Aww really!" "Yeah and Niall wants to kiss you!" I blushed deeply and so did he. "Okay." "Come here." Niall
Said. I was flippin out. Me. Niall. Kissing. We were about 1 second away from kissing when something was making noise. I tried to block it out but it keep on greeting louder.
**End of Dream**

Of course it was my alarm. At least it has a good taste in music. I was thinking while my alarm was playing Live While We're Young by One Direction! Haha! Hey! At least it was Saturday. I forgot I left my phone in my jeans pocket from last night. I got up and was bombarded with the cold air. I hurried up and ran over to my jeans and hurriedly rushed through my
Jeans looking for my phone. Haha found it! I turned it on and ran back over to my bed. I looked down at my phone. I had 15 missed calls from Bella. Bella was my best friend since kindergarten. She has always been there for me. She has long, blonde hair. Her hair comes to the middle of her back. She has big hazel eyes. She is skinny but curvy. As where I have long naturally curly brown hair with blonde streaks. I have big blue eyes. I'm curvy but people say I'm both curvy and skinny.
I had two missed texts.One from Bella and One from Breanna. UGHH! Breanna is the head cheerleader, head of the dance team and the rich snobby brat of the school. She makes me wanna hug her. Around the neck. With a rope. She can get any guy she asks for and she can just make you believe she is sweet and innocent. But really she is a total B****!!! Anyway the text from Bella said 'WHERE THE FLACK ARE YOU?!?!?' so I simply replied with 'My house. Calm yo tits!' The text from Breanna said 'Its okay that you broke up with Reed,' I read and though about how the whole world knows already. I read on. 'because he so was done with you. I expected it. Plus he likes me. STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!' I ignored her. I mean everybody hates her. But that text still got to me. So I started crying. Then I though I would do what I always would do when I wanted to clear my mind. I am taking a walk. So I got up and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror! DEAR FLACK I LOOK LIKE A PANDA!!! Mascara running down my cheeks. I quickly turned the water on and undressed. I quickly got a shower. I got out and wrapped a towel around me, got a few cotton balls and some eye makeup remover. I removed my panda eyes and put some foundation on with some powder. I did a smoky eye with eyeliner on my top and bottom eye lid. I ran back into my room. I brushed my hair then I dried my hair! I just left it down to naturally curl. I put my bra and underwear on. I ran to my closet and got down my sweats that say One Direction down the side with them in the the letters. I put on my One Direction hoodie that has all of their nicknames on it. I put on some pink UGGS and pulled my hair into a messy bun. I grab my phone and headphones. I'm ready to go! I grabbed my house key and walked out the door. I started walking and listening to music. I was listening to Live While We're Young when I ran into someone and fell straight On my bum. I looked up to see who bumped me down and was gobsmacked. I just sat there a few moments in surprise. I couldn't believe he was standing there right in front of me!!(:
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