die young

stella is a 16 year old girl. in her highschool shes the popular girl every boy wants to go out with...the one that everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants to be her! she's beautiful and thinks shes perfect. but after one rumor everyone truns on her no boys like her anymore she is dumped and is being bullied so nows shes everything but perfect... but soon with all of the suffering there is still one boy the one that allways stuck out from the rest thank wants be to be his he thinks he can help her but doesnt have the words to tell her. he allways stuck out becasue of his irish accent and his bright blue eyes and blonde hair he was bullied by people for being in a boy band but thier lives are both about to change forever...


2. the video

stellas pov:


i posted the video of me in the auditorium on facebook. i walked down the hallway seeing the 5 boys that i saw eirlier walking the same way. i reconized one of them blonde...irish...and bright blue eyes.

i walked past them. and turned around to face niall.


hi niall i said.

he giggled you know my name? he asked

your surprised? i know everyones names here i say

who are your friends? i ask

oh...... niall said

im liam

im zayn

im harry

and im louis

hi nice to meet you guys im stella i say

we all know we saw you this morning walking to school niall lives 3 houses down from you we all meet there during the morning to walk to school together harry explains

nialls pov:


i am acually talking to stella... oh my gosh!!!! im talking to stella! this is amazing!

her phone rang. her hand reached her mouth and covered it. her face went red and she ran down the hall.

i thought about going to see what was wrong but something stopped me that thing was liam and zayn.

just dont man just let it go zayn said

our phones rang. a notification from facebook something about stella. someone called her a slut... people are so mean. we start walking down the hall but we all stop in our tracks.


a scream fills the halls.


we all run to where we hear the scream


we reached the place and what we see is terrible



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