die young

stella is a 16 year old girl. in her highschool shes the popular girl every boy wants to go out with...the one that everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants to be her! she's beautiful and thinks shes perfect. but after one rumor everyone truns on her no boys like her anymore she is dumped and is being bullied so nows shes everything but perfect... but soon with all of the suffering there is still one boy the one that allways stuck out from the rest thank wants be to be his he thinks he can help her but doesnt have the words to tell her. he allways stuck out becasue of his irish accent and his bright blue eyes and blonde hair he was bullied by people for being in a boy band but thier lives are both about to change forever...


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stellas pov:

I only remember I was getting tortured in the hallway...I blacked out finally after I told the boys to help me. now I feel like im in a black hole that I cant get out of...I could hear the doctors talking but I couldn't make out the words...I could only hear mumbling and the beeping of the monitors. I couldn't hear the doctors anymore. they must have left then... everything was silent for about maybe 5 minutes I didn't know what was going on... someone else came in the voice was really familiar... niall?

I know you cant hear me stella...but if this never even happened you wouldn't have noticed me and I wouldn't have ever talked to you...when you were in the auditorium me and the other lads were in there in the way back so you wouldn't have seen us...to be honest I think youre beautiful and probably the only girl that has ever talked to me besides my mum and my cousins...before this you never would look at me talk to me or notice me...you would be with your friends but apparently they don't care enough about you anymore but I care and I allways will care about you... youre perfect and nobody can change that and I know you don't believe it now...but just...I guess I have feeling for you just like any other boy at school...but I love you...


he loves me? every boy that tells me that is a lie...but thid doesn't feel like a lie. I couldn't hear him that well I mostly heard mumbles but I heard somewhat of it...I couldn't hear him anymore...I couldn't hear anything anymore...whats going on?


nialls pov:

stella should be okay...she can have visitors but please go in one at a time. the doctor said. of couse the lads looked at me.

niall you go in...

okay... I walked in the room and looked at her...she lay motionless on the hospital bed...I felt like it was my fault I didn't help her early enough..

I spoke to her for a while but things got odd...the monitor stopped beeping and I had to go get the doctors.

doctor? the monitor stopped beeping!

okay stay out here with everyone else while we go and try to run some tests.



I walked back into the waiting room and I was asked so many questions...



stellas pov:

move stella move...I couldn't...I couldn't take this anymore! just let me back infront of them back at school everything back to normal...I tried to move my arms and open my eyes but I was to weak...I wish I could go and tell niall how I feel about him...I couldn't hear anything any more...what the heck is going on? I could hear the beeping just a few minutes ago unless it stopped...


harrys pov:


niall looks crushed...

the doctor walks in...

im sorry but she is in the extensive care unit. her heart has stopped beating but we are trying our best to keep her going.


niall walked into another room. I followed him and he was crying.


I sat down next to him.


its all my fault...niall said.

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