die young

stella is a 16 year old girl. in her highschool shes the popular girl every boy wants to go out with...the one that everyone wants to be friends with and everyone wants to be her! she's beautiful and thinks shes perfect. but after one rumor everyone truns on her no boys like her anymore she is dumped and is being bullied so nows shes everything but perfect... but soon with all of the suffering there is still one boy the one that allways stuck out from the rest thank wants be to be his he thinks he can help her but doesnt have the words to tell her. he allways stuck out becasue of his irish accent and his bright blue eyes and blonde hair he was bullied by people for being in a boy band but thier lives are both about to change forever...


3. make them stop...please

nialls pov:

what we saw was horrible... a pool of blood around stella and bruises all over her. the boys went pale and i went against the wall we all moved to the wall before we were seen by 3 people stellas 3 enimies.


one pinned her arms to the floor and one pinned her legs to the ground. stella winced from the pain.


the 3rd girl kicked her in the stomach she cried in pain. she saw us all and cried...


make them stop...please she cried to us.

now that the girls knew that thre was someone there they all left running down the halls.


we all dashed form the wall over to stella


harry and zayn glanced over to me.


we need to bring her to the front desk then hospital liam says


deffinately louis says as he picks her up out of the blood puddles around her.


we made a careful mad dash to the front desk.


we reached the front desk and the lady takes one look at us all then looks through files...

oky i am calling stellas mom and who elses mom to bring u all to the hospital? the lady at the desk asks


stellas mom and nialls mom harry says


oky they will be here as fast as they can niall your mom is going to bring you all to the hospital she says.

oky i reply

moments later my mother arrived and we all piled into the car


hello naill and boys who is ur friend? my mother asks while driving like a crazy lady


her name is stella and she is one of the popular girls at school she has been bullied casue of rumors going around and someone well 3 girls were like kicking and punching her and stuff in the hallway... i say


wow people at ur school are mean she says

 i know right i say


we reach the hospital and stella is put in a strecher and is taken away our mothers talking

and we wont know what will happen to stella untill she is awake and healed

we can only wonder what will happen

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