Rimmington: Better Than Sliced Bread ( A Love Story)

Once upon a time, dear reader, there was a place called Runescape. And in this land, there were many great cities with their own little histories and their heroes, and their who-di-nannies and their wot-nots. This isn't about them. This is the story of Rimmington, the greatest city that Runescape has to offer.


4. The Board of Governors of Rimmington

Eventine: Where is this witch now?

Dmitri: Lumia et Noctua? If she ever existed, she would be dead by now. But, maybe she had a descendant to carry on her work of collecting the three lemons? No one knows, it is just a story to tell potatoes to help them grow faster. Of course, the three lemons do in fact exist, so they must have come from somewhere, right? They were in the possession of the Board of Governors last.

Eventine: Just who are the Board of Governors exactly?

Dmitri: The people who care about Rimmington the most, and keep its true story a secret. One might even theorize that we planted the Queen Dragon's lair there to distract adventurers from the truth. It is just a theory though, an outrageous conspiracy theory. In case you were wondering though, those grotworms would take a certain board years  to potty train correctly.

Eventine: But who make up the Board? Who are the people involved?

Dmitri: Well, me for one. We use to have more, but someone has been killing a lot of us off. This Board is generations old and the members come and go. When I joined it was me, Melzar, Xenia for a short while, Hetty, Edward Turnip, Wizard Grayzag, a friendly turtle by the name of Lyle, Barty the Banker of Draynor, Zegelheim, and our leader Marleigh. But then Zegelheim was found to be a Snarly Waggle and ran away, and wizard Grayzag disappeared, and we still haven't found Melzar, and Xenia left due to politics within the group, and Barty the Banker was killed in a bank robbery. Our group has dwindled, but we have recruited, we even have Reldo in Varrock helping us research some interesting artifacts that I have recently found. He says it is just black mold, but I am certain that there is something more mysterious about it... Anyway, we are replacing our lost members, but it takes a lot of time and consideration to accept one into our secret society. 

Eventine: What do all of you do now that all those ghouls are gone?

Dmitri: We run Rimmington. We do what is best for it. We were the ones who had Oziach find someone to kill that pesky green flying chicken from Crandor because we thought it would become a threat to Rimmington. Right now we are looking for Zegelheim in the hopes that he has one of the lemons. It would be a great to have it back where it belongs...

Eventine: Why do you keep your lemon away from the rest of the Board?

Dmitri: The Board need not know about my lemon. I can't trust some of them, especially our leader, Marleigh. He is planning something, Eventine, I just know it. He would take my lemon and help him use it for his own evil plans. I know him and another Board member, Detective Starnes, are working on something. Something to do with... Squirrels...

Eventine: Squirrels? Well, at least that is a break from penguins...

Dmitri: Squirrels are more malicious, Eventine. 

Eventine: You haven't met the penguins I know...

Dmitri: How about a quest?

Eventine: Oh! Pick me! I love quests! 

Dmitri: Find me Zegelheim, the Snarly Waggle. Do what you have to, but bring me back the lemon he possesses.  By the time you come back, I will have rebuilt Melzar's home into a headquarters that will result in Marleigh's undoing, and we will save Rimmington from evil once again!

Eventine: I accept!

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