Rimmington: Better Than Sliced Bread ( A Love Story)

Once upon a time, dear reader, there was a place called Runescape. And in this land, there were many great cities with their own little histories and their heroes, and their who-di-nannies and their wot-nots. This isn't about them. This is the story of Rimmington, the greatest city that Runescape has to offer.


5. Marleigh Mischief


After a long and arduous quest, Lyle the turtle of the Board of Governors of Rimmington went to brief Head Governor Marleigh at Marleigh Manor on the events happening in the middle of the ocean. Upon meeting Marleigh, Lyle, using a complex form of gestures, communicated to Marleigh that nothing was going on in the middle of the ocean.  

Marleigh: Oh, my precious Lyle, my beautiful Lyle! I have been waiting for your return! I expect the mission went well. I received your letter, and I am most pleased that the traitor Bernard has been dealt with. We can’t have any loose ends in our Board, Lyle, and there is nothing I like better than a perfect denouement. On that note, Dmitri still is walking around  somewhere and that should be rectified. Which is why, my clever aquatic friend, I have another mission for you.                  

  Marleigh picked up the turtle by his shell and walked out of the office and carried him around the mansion.

  Marleigh: You see Lyle, I have a wedding invitation for you. I am inviting you to your own wedding, actually. For years now, there has been an unhealthy balance going on in Rimmington, and I would like the odds to be in my favour. For that to happen, I need the mongeese.  With them at my side, along with my legion of squirrels and my select Board members, the city shall crumble into chaos and I will take over. Right as we speak, I have thousands upon thousands of squirrels digging underground at the borders of Rimmington. Once I give the command, they will all break through, and the city will shift, and Rimmington will float away into the ocean, becoming its own island country that I will control. I will then sail this new country to the Merbuda Triangle, and it will forever be guarded by the winds and currents and storms. I will have a perfect country, Lyle. And you are to help me!                  

Lyle nodded in total understanding, and Marleigh took a sugar cube out of his pocket and fed it to the turtle.  

Marleigh: The only real problem is that Dmitri and the other yahoos will put up a fight, which is why I need the mongeese on our side, to give us the ultimate fighting advantage. With you marrying the mongoose princess, we will form an alliance between squirrels and mongooses and win the inevitable war. No one could possibly stand against us, especially after their recruits were burned in that horrible orphanage fire that I didn’t even have to plan.                  

  Marleigh began petting Lyle gently on his bald green head.  

Marleigh: And also, that Reldo has to go too. That will be the eve of our attack, Lyle. He will be assassinated the next time he comes to Rimmington, and in the confusion we will attack. And then I will get what I have so long been waiting for, Lyle. And with you by my side, nothing can stand in the way.  

Lyle and Marleigh share an evil chuckle.


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