Losing Niall Horan

Hailey lived in the simple town of mullingar, Ireland. Her life was normal, just as any other teenager, but her best friend was Niall Horan. Yes. THE Niall Horan. And yes I did say WAS. He was her best friend before he left for the X-Factor. But after that everything changed. Niall moved on to the fame and fortune while Hailey stayed in Mullingar. The worst part is that Niall doesn't even call or text her. But what happens when she accidentally runs into one of nialls band members one day? Red to find out!


5. Why didn't you call?

"Hello." 3 strong British accents said all at once. "I'm Liam." One if them said. "And that's Zayn and Louis." Harry looked at me then Niall. "And you two have met." He said. I nodded, not looking back at Niall. "Would you like to play a game with us?" Zayn(I think) said motioning to the play station. I bit my lip slightly. "I uhh.. Actually have to get back to my friend. I kinda just left her to take harry back. But maybe some other time." I added quickly. "Too bad." Said harry. "Oh you could have dinner with us!" He smiled. "If we ever get any food!!" Exclaimed Niall. He stomped off into the kitchen. I rolled my eyes. "Um yeah sure. What time soulf I come back?" I asked Harry. "7:00?" He shrugged. I nodded. "Mkay. See ya then." I gave them all a quick good-bye then headed for the door. I opened it, walked out, then shut it softly behind me. I walked down the steps and started walking down the sidewalk. Not but 4 seconds I was walking I heard a door open and slam shut. Suddenly I felt 2 strong arms wrap around me and lift me up. "Hailey!" The familiar voice said. I let a small smile form on my lips. "Niall, put me down!" I giggled. He set me down lightly and I turned around to face him. He had the biggest smile ever. He gave me a proper hug and I warped my arms around his torso. "I missed you." His voice was muffled because he burried his face in my neck. (Niall and I are basically the same height) My smile faded and I didn't respond right away. I pulled away from him. "Why didn't you call? Or text? Or like write letters or something?" Niall's expression fell. "I just.. I just didn't have time. I was busy." His voiced changed like when he realized Harry didn't have any food. But his hesitation didn't fool me. "Your lying." I stated. He shook his head rapidly but didn't say anything. I stared into his eyes. This is what I would do. I would always look into his eyes and get what I wanted. It was how our friendship worked. It's the same with him. He looked into my eyes, eventually I would give in and go or get whatever he wanted. But he didn't crack this time. He just stood there. He looked away from me. He let go if my body. "I'm telling the truth." He said. Why was he lying? Since when do we keep secrets?
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