Losing Niall Horan

Hailey lived in the simple town of mullingar, Ireland. Her life was normal, just as any other teenager, but her best friend was Niall Horan. Yes. THE Niall Horan. And yes I did say WAS. He was her best friend before he left for the X-Factor. But after that everything changed. Niall moved on to the fame and fortune while Hailey stayed in Mullingar. The worst part is that Niall doesn't even call or text her. But what happens when she accidentally runs into one of nialls band members one day? Red to find out!


2. Harry styles?

BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. My annoying alarm clock rang through my room. I slapped my hand over to the desk and hit the off button. The room was again filled with silence except the birds lightly singing. I rolled out of bed and quickly went to the bathroom. I glanced at myself in the mirror. My brown hair was all frizzed up and all over the place. Let me just explain this to you. My hair is naturally curly but I do straighten it everyday. Why? I absolutely HATE curly hair. It's too hard to deal with and plus, have you ever tried to comb out curly hair after you wash it? It's hard as hell.................... After going to the bathroom I took a shower and changed into a light tan lacy dress. I re-straightened by hair to perfection. I brushed by teeth then went downstairs to find my brother, Xander, sitting on the bar stool, eating cereal like a pig and my mom cooking what I think was pancakes. I was unsure because my mom isn't the best cook in the house. I would have to say my dad was. He was the owner of his own restaurant so he picked up a few tips from the chefs........................... I smiled remembering Niall ordering about everything on the menu about a week before he left. It's been a year since he left. I watched him go though X-Factor on my tv. And then boot camp. And then I watched him become a band along with 4 other guys that I didn't bother to know the names of. All I know is that they have taken over the world with "One Direction Infection" I didn't have it. I know, I know I should be more supportive of Niall but how could I be when he apparently changed his number and didn't care to tell me. We completely broke apart. Sometimes I wish he didn't go to X-Factor. So then we could still be friends. I shook my head to clear my mind. "Good morning." I said to my mom. She smiled. "Good morning Hun." I sat next to Xander with my silver flats in my hand. "I'm going out on the town today with Marcie if we don't have any plans." I said. My mom nodded. "That's fine with me." He set a stack of pancakes infront of Xander. "Thanks." He mumbled............................ I slipped on my flats then grabbed my small over the shoulder purse. I walked around the counter then hugged my mom. "See you later." I happily walked out the door..............................." OMIGOSH. I NEED THOSE SHOES." Marcie screeched as we walked by the really expensive shoe store. (Marcie is my best friend. Blonde hair, green eyes.) I chuckled softly and kept dragging her along trying not to spill my hot chocolate I got from the café. "Marcie you know it's too much money. And you maxed out your credit card last month." I sighed. She looked at me with puppy dog eyes. "But I do have a friend that hasn't." I flashed her a 'you got to be kidding me' look. She crossed her arms and continued walking. I, who is clumsy as it is, wasn't looking where I was going and ran right into someone's back. I spilled my hot chocolate all over my dress. "Sh!t!" I cursed silently. "I'm so sorry!" A British accent said. "No I'm sorry, I should have looked where I was going." I looked up and instantly recognized the familiar face of.....of... Well I'm not sure of his name but I remember his face. He's in one direction with Niall. He smiled slightly at me and looked at me with those big green eyes. "It's fine. Um.. I could buy you another.. Whatever that is?" He said slowly looking at the empty cup in my hand. "Uhhh......No you don't have to. I-It was cold anyway." I studdered out, still shocked. "Um...what's your name?" I asked curiously. He answered without hesitation. "Harry. Harry styles."
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