Losing Niall Horan

Hailey lived in the simple town of mullingar, Ireland. Her life was normal, just as any other teenager, but her best friend was Niall Horan. Yes. THE Niall Horan. And yes I did say WAS. He was her best friend before he left for the X-Factor. But after that everything changed. Niall moved on to the fame and fortune while Hailey stayed in Mullingar. The worst part is that Niall doesn't even call or text her. But what happens when she accidentally runs into one of nialls band members one day? Red to find out!


11. Harry got a thing for me?

"So how long are you guys going to be here?" I asked all of the boys. I really was curious I mean a big boy band like them shouldn't or wouldn't be in a town like this. Maybe they just came to see Nialls family or something like that. 


"We are actually staying for a little while," Liam said, "we are doing an interview tomorrow and a couple photo shoots while we are here. They I think we are going back to the UK." All of the rest of them nodded in agreement, looking at the clock on the wall. 10:24 am. "I should probably go, I've been gone all day an my parents are probably wondering where I am." I stood up, smiling at them. 


"I'll walk you out!" Harry chirped before anyone else could say something. I smiled at him then looked at Niall. "See ya soon." I said. It still felt weird seeing him again. It probably would for a long time. He waved simply, returning the smile.


I made my way down the narrow hallway, stoping briefly to see if Harry was following to walk me out an he was. I swung the door open as a rush of air came in. I was almost out the door before the curly haired boy stuffed a piece of paper into my pocket with a wink. "Phone number?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "Yep." Harry made sure to pop the p at the end. I smiled to him and whisked out. "See ya harry." "See ya Hailey." He repeated. Did he really just do that? I thought. Maybe Harry did have a thing for me.

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