Losing Niall Horan

Hailey lived in the simple town of mullingar, Ireland. Her life was normal, just as any other teenager, but her best friend was Niall Horan. Yes. THE Niall Horan. And yes I did say WAS. He was her best friend before he left for the X-Factor. But after that everything changed. Niall moved on to the fame and fortune while Hailey stayed in Mullingar. The worst part is that Niall doesn't even call or text her. But what happens when she accidentally runs into one of nialls band members one day? Red to find out!


12. Harry got a thing for me? NIALLS POV

My cheeks burned with anger when harry volunteered to walk Hailey out. Doesn't he ever listen to what I say? Guess not.


when I heard the door shut signaling she was gone I got up and yawned. "I'm gana go to sleep guys. Just try not to break anything while your down here. The couch folds out into a bed and there's blankets in the closet. Sleep on those." With that I left and humbled up the stairs to my room. I shut the door quietly and changed into a tank and some shorts to sleep in. As soon as I hit the bed I was out for the night........




"Wake up niall..." A soft voice whispered. "Wake up." It said a bit more harsh. "WAKE UP CUNT." At that point I knew it was louis . He jumped on my bed screaming it over and over and over agian. I moaned softly. "Stop..."


"ok I guess I'm going to eat your breakfast then." He stated matter-of-factly. 

"Bacon?" I asked

"yep." He said



"more bacon?"

"you know it."

"ok I'm up." I sat up on the edge of the bed. "So we have an interview today?" I asked lou. "Mhmm." He nodded. "So ware something decent." He said, looking me up and down like I was some fashion criminal. "And we are inviting haiku to come, they gave us extra tickets!" He exclaimed, jumping off the bed and running out. I shrugged to myself, hoping she wouldn't come because to be honest I thought she still hated me for going away like that. I mean what if she is and we end up breaking off completely. Like I don't know how to explain it. I don't feel like we will ever be the same anymore. And it's all my fault.

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