Losing Niall Horan

Hailey lived in the simple town of mullingar, Ireland. Her life was normal, just as any other teenager, but her best friend was Niall Horan. Yes. THE Niall Horan. And yes I did say WAS. He was her best friend before he left for the X-Factor. But after that everything changed. Niall moved on to the fame and fortune while Hailey stayed in Mullingar. The worst part is that Niall doesn't even call or text her. But what happens when she accidentally runs into one of nialls band members one day? Red to find out!


8. Dinner. HAILEY'S P.O.V

I smiled politely as harry let me in. Niall was standing in the hall watching. Probably just over protective. I smiled at him too and looked away from his gaze and behind him. "Hiya." Zayn walked past Naill to me. "So what are we getting for dinner? What do you want?" He asked me. "I don't care. Whatever you guys want." I shrugged and looked back to Harry. I couldn't stop having that feeling that Niall was starring at me so I took a quick glance at him. And sure enough he was looking at me. He probably thought I was still mad about earlier. And don't get me wrong I was. Very. I was mad that he didn't tell me the truth. I just wanted it to be the same. But that would never happened because he didn't call. Or text. Or try in any way to contact me. Just stop thinking about it, I thought to myself. Liam walked into the hallway from the kitchen. He must hav heard us talkin about food. "So I guess I'll order Nandos." He said. Nialls face lit up. "I'll tell you what I want, li. Just give me a sec to think about it." Liam groaned. "Just make sure we don't go over our money limit ok?" He said. "Ok." Niall answered with a groan too. Harry looked at me and smiled. "While we're waiting do you want to play a game?" I looked at him. "A game?" I asked. He nodded and rolled his eyes. "Yes a game. Lou, zayn! Hide-and-go-seek in the dark?" Harry called. Upstairs we heard a few bumps, then feet pounding on the floor and two very happy guys running down the stairs. "Yes!" Louis...or Lou I guess, exclaimed. "Nose goes!" Zayn yelled and everyone except me put a finger on their nose. "Hailey's it!" Harry smiled at me. Lou ran towards the basement. "Let's go!" Harry and zayn followed him. I looked at Niall who was still in the hallway. I didn't want him to feel left out so I knew what I had to do. "Wana play too?" I asked walking to the basement door. He shrugged. "Sure." We started walking down the stairs. "Oh and Hailey," I looked back as Niall said my name, "Nose goes." He put a finger on his nose. I flashed him a quick glare, but not before he smirked at me. Harry, zayn, and Louis were waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs. "Ok Hailey you sit on the stairs and count to 10. Zayn you turn the lights off. " Harry said. I did as he said and sat down. Niall trotted past me as the lights went off and the room when jet black. I started counting. "1.......2....." I heard the scuffing of feet on the carpet and a few "ow's". "3........4........5.........6.........7......8.....9........10! Ready or not here I come!" I slowly went down the stairs, making sure not to trip over anything. Just as I reached the bottom I felt something rush past me and go to the left. Probably louis I mean he's like a Mexican jumping bean it ridiculous. And just then I realized how childish we were being. "I'm coming for you Lou." I said quietly. I slowly started making my way around the basement, mostly the area I thought Lou ran in and I completely forgot about the table in the middle of the room and ya know what I did? I freaking stubbed my toe on it! "DAYYUMM!" I cursed loudly. I heard a few chuckles. One right behind me so I swung around. "Louis?" I whispered. "No this is zen." He tried to imitate zayn's voice. I giggled. "Found you!" I took a step towards him. "No you have to touch me first!" Louis took off running past me. And ya know what he did? He triped over the table that I just stubbed my toe on. "AHHHHHH BLOODY HELL!" He yelled. We all started busting out laughing at that. "IT'S NOT FUNNY!" He screeched. "SERIOUSLY GUYS TURN THE LIGHTS ON!" A few seconds later the lights flashed on. I realized how close all the boys actually were. We all looked at Lou laying on the floor griping his feet. Zayn, who turned the lights on walked up to my side still laughing. So did harry. We all were still laughing except Louis who was close to tears on the floor. "LEYUUMM!" Niall yelled. "LOU'S HURT!" Niall kept on laughing. "IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Louis yelled at us, 10 times louder than before. We all got silent and looked at eachother. Harry was like crying because he was laughing so hard and Niall was on the floor, clutching his side. "Oh my gosh! Guys! Paul told us not to hurt ourselves!" Liam bounded down the stairs. He rushed over to Lou. "Let me see your foot." He demanded. "No!" Louis yelled. Liam sighed. "We'll let me take you upstairs." Liam said then stood up. "Zayn help me." Liam looked at zayn. He bounded over and both of them helped Lou up slowly and they made their way over to the stairs. Liam looked at me, harry, and Niall. "Just play something NOT destructive." We all nodded as the walked him upstairs. When we heard the door shut Niall started laughing again. And that set all of us off. So we all ended up on the floor. After about 5 minutes of that harry finally sat up and looked at us. "You guys wana play Truth or dare?" He said with a smirk.
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