The Summer of Harry.

16-year old Abigail DeVine never expected to get this far. Trying out for the X-Factor U.S. Season 2, was the best thing that ever happened to her. Now at Judge Simon Cowell's house in London, England with 6 other teens she finds out who her personal mentor is going to be. Is it going to be a summer or nerves and singing..romance and passion..or partying and crazy antics? Read and find out. <3


4. What next?

   He hated it. He hates me. I'm a terrible singer. Thoughts came flooding into my mind. Terrible thoughts. How could he just walk out on me like that? I bet he wants to be somebody else's mentor now that he heard me sing in person. Tear pricked in my eyes. 

   I stood up, my legs like jelly, nearly unable to support me. I walked shakily to the sliding glass doors that led back into the mansion when I heard soft voices, whispering. Now, I'm not one to be sneaky but this had sparked my curiosity. I leaned into the wall quietly.

   "But you never told me she was that good Simon! She's a country singer, and an amazing one at that! I'm in a boy band, and a pop singer! How am I supposed to help her?!" I heard a young mans voice whisper loudly.

   "Hush Harry," Says the next voice. My eyes widen and I stumble back. Harry Styles..said I was amazing..I begin to smile slightly when a hand touches my shoulder. I swivel around quickly to see Grant staring at me smiling. 

   "Hey Abi!" He exclaims cheerfully. "Do you like your mentor?" He asks me. 

   "Hey Grant." I smile kindly, "Yeah, Harry is um great! He just had to run and erm, get something." I lie quickly. He nodded and began to speak again when Harry comes back out onto the patio. 

   "Abi," He coughs, "Lets go inside." I nod shyly and bid goodbye to a disappointed looking Grant. 

   Harry grabs my hand- causing butterflies to erupt in my stomach, and knots to start twisting. He lurched me forward so we were face-to-face. His warm breath blowing on me.

   "No talking to the other competitors. You are here to win. You aren't even supposed to be talking to them, that's why all of your bedrooms are on complete opposite sides of the house, understand? You are to only speak to me, Simon, or any of the T.V. crew until eliminations. Okay?" He tells me. 

   I widen my eyes and nod quickly. "Got it." 

   He nods swiftly and leads me upstairs to his bedroom. It was right next to mine. As soon as I realize this, I sigh. I had really been looking forward to getting to know the others. I never knew Harry was this strict. 

   We slump down on his bed and talk for a few minutes. He asked many things about me. Just regular questions. Like, my family, and my friends back home. Etc.. I leaned over his shoulder to get a quick glimpse at the glowing digital clock on the bedside table. It read 11:34.

   I gasped and pointed to the clock. He looked over at it and chuckled. "I didn't realize it was that late Abs, sorry. Maybe you should head to bed. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow."

   "Alright.." I sit up off of the bed and walk to the door; when I reached it I turned around to see Harry still sitting on the bed looking at me with his perfect emerald eyes. "And Harry, it was really nice talking and getting to know you today." I admit. He grins and I leave the room quickly.

   I could not be falling for my mentor! Of all people, it had to be him, didn't it? I groan and flop down onto the bed frustratedly. I zip open one of my many suitcases and pull out a random t-shirt and a pair of my short-short flannel pajama pants. I walk over to the  bathroom, take a long soothing shower, and slip onto my pajamas. I slide under the covers, and before I knew it- I was fast asleep.

   And when I woke up the next morning. I could remember my dream vividly. It was all about, Harry Styles. I scream into my pillow. 'I do not like him. I do not like him.' I repeated over and over to myself in my head..but I just couldn't get it to sink in.

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