The Summer of Harry.

16-year old Abigail DeVine never expected to get this far. Trying out for the X-Factor U.S. Season 2, was the best thing that ever happened to her. Now at Judge Simon Cowell's house in London, England with 6 other teens she finds out who her personal mentor is going to be. Is it going to be a summer or nerves and singing..romance and passion..or partying and crazy antics? Read and find out. <3


2. Meeting everyone.

  "My own..bathroom?!" I screeched dropping my bags into the huge bed. Rachel giggled. 

  "Yes." At home I was used to sharing one small bathroom with three other small, pesky girls. "We've gotta go, Simon needs us." She said. I took one last glance at the amazing bedroom then nodded and followed her. She led me up a spiral staircase..then another. Um..okay? I thought. How rich was Simon exactly? I heard he had his own personal bowling alley, and tanning salon. Guess I'll find out. "We're here." Rachel told me. 

  "Okay." She pushed open the door. I stepped in next to her. We entered a huge living room. A huge plasma screen T.V. took up one of the walls, then a ginormous mirror taking up another wall. There were three giant couches. All white. It was..awesome. I say 4 other young people staring at me. And Simon.

  "Ah, Ms.DeVine..good you're all here." He smiled nicely at me, then turned to face us all. "Well congratulations, all six of you. You've made it this far, and by the end of the summer there will only be two of you left. After we go back to the headquarters in L.A., we will have 3 more episodes of the show, then we will announce the winner on live television." I nervously glanced around at the others, some looked just as scared as I felt, others looked confident. Simon looked at each and every one of us carefully. "Like I said..four of you will be eliminated before the summer. You will each be assigned a professional mentor that will be with you 24/7 all summer. Training you, and preparing you. They will be arriving here soon. I'll talk more later, now I want you all to 'mingle' and get to know each other. The first elimination is in 3 weeks. Be ready, and have fun." He smiled again then left the room. There were four girls..and two boys. All between the ages of 16-24. I already knew Rachel, so I walked up to another girl. She had bright blue eyes, and short black hair with red highlights. 

  "Hi," I tapped her in the shoulder and she turned, "I'm Abi. I'm 16!" I smiled friendly. She chewed her gum obnoxiously. 

  "I'm Kay. 19 years old." She smacked. I nodded awkwardly. We stood there and talked for a few minutes. I looked around and saw Rach. She smiled and waved then continued talking to a young looking boy. I walked up to the other boy. He was older looking. 

  "Hi!" I smiled. "I'm Abi!"

  "Hey Abi, I'm Ty." He smiled nicely. "How old are you sweetheart?" 

  "I'm 16. How about you?" I replied.

  "Almost 25 actually. So lucky I got here!" He answered. I spent the next hour getting to know everybody. A 17 year old boy named Grant..he was pretty dang cute, and a 23 year old lady named Stephanie with beautiful blond hair. Along with Kay, Ty, Rach, and I. It was a pretty good group.

    "Alright," We heard somebody clap there hands together and turned to see Simon, "Who's ready to meet their mentors?!" He asked us. I jumped up and down excitedly and we all cheered. 

    "Yes!" Stephanie cried and we all laughed loudly. Simon turned and gestured for us to follow behind him. He led us into a large game room with a pool table, ping-pong table, and more. Whoa.. I thought. But nothing compared to our reactions when we saw the line of people in front of us. 

   "Oh. My. God." I breathed, and immediately fixed my hair and clothes. Standing before us, were six legends. All of our jaws literally dropped. 

   Ke$ha, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Bruno Mars..and..Harry Styles. Are you kidding me?! It would mean the absolute world to me to get any one of these stars..

   Harry glanced over at me, and winked, causing me to blush madly. 

   "Okay now," Simon begins looking over at all of us, smiling. "We paired each of you with a mentor that will help you showcase your originalities. You all have your own styles, and these mentors of yours will help you along your way to..well..fame." He chuckled. 

   "Grant," Simon paused dramatically, "You are going to be paired with Usher over here," He pointed and Grant smiled widely, walking over to Usher to stand beside him and shake his hand.

   "Stephanie, you'll be with Ms. Gomez." Stephanie squealed once more and ran over to Selena and they hugged. 

   "Kay, and..pop superstar Ke$ha." They both smiled and Kay walked over to her. 

   "Ty, and Bruno, you will be paired together."

   "Rachel, your partner is going to be Ms. Carrie Underwood." Simon smiled. 

   My eyes widened, there was only one person left, "Abi...your mentor for the summer is going to be..the one and only..Mr. Harry Styles." My palms immediately began to get very sweaty. Ew. I slowly stride over to him and shake his hand nervously. He grinned and winked at me again.

   This is going to be one eventful summer. 


   (A/N, okay so something really weird has happened. This book was all about Summer Love, but I had absolutely no clue that One Direction was coming out with a song called Summer Love..thats just..really ironic and coincidental. Anyways...I hope you all are enjoying the story so far! Kaibye!)


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