The Bad Girl And the Peaceful Player

Ka'rin and ace are best friends, and have been since they were five. Ace is a free sprit that likes to spred the peace whlie getting girls into bed. Ace hates to argue, fighting, and cursing.

Then we have ka'rin who is a fire cracker, whos always hollering, fighting, and cursing. She is also very blunt and protective of her friends and family.

So read this story about the crazy fights, relationships ,laughs and heatrbreak.


1. First Day, Same Bullshit

Im Ka'rin Miles and I'm 17 years old and i attend Bradley's high. with my best friend Ace he's a real piece of work let me tell you. we've know each other all our lives. I've had only two boyfriends one Ace chased away the other thought me an Ace was a little touchy feely i mean that's how our friendship has always been. he feels me up I pop him.

Ace has dark brown hair that hangs over his dark ocean blue eyes, and hes 5"11

Today is the start of senior year and I'm ready for a change. i am determined to have my first serious relationship with a guy and ather thinking it over my ex was right is not right for me to kiss, hug, or sit on Ace's lap when i have a boyfriend i really liked him so this year I'm gonna ask him out. i really pretty i have long red hair that goes down my back and big brown eyes there not dark but not hazel either. I'm about 5'5 125 pounds and 34b in the chest area.

I'm really nice and Ace says i let people run over me with is not true. i just don't yell and cant tell anyone no, so usually Ace cuts in for me,........... but the one
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