More Than This

This was what a wrote for a story we had to do in english class, about someone learning to care for a person. But it was too cute to just be for school, so I had to share, lol. In this story, Sophie and Harry show each other that life is more than what they think it is, due to whatever they already have.


3. The line

   Sophie and Harry became good friends after that day, as he continued to volunteer almost everyday for three whole months, just so he could see Sophie. Although they did get close, Harry never found out Sophie was sick. She was too afraid of what he would think, and he meant way too much to her for her to lose him. He was all she had in the world. It was seeing him everyday that made her want to get up every morning. It was him who she went to when she wanted someone to talk to. It was him who made her smile when she had forgotten how. She was finally happy again. 
   One day when Harry came in, and didn't see Sophie getting breakfast like she usually was when he arrived. He figured she was running late, so he got to work instead of waiting around. The room he was sent to deliver a box of mail to was one he'd never been to before, so he was curious to who he would be meeting. When he walked in, his heart dropped, and his entire body went numb when he saw Sophie lying there on the hospital bed, bald, sad, and weak. The box Harry had been carrying fell to the floor, waking Sophie up, as she turned to him, shocked. She suddenly burst into tears, and Harry rushed to her side and grabbed her hand. 
   "I didn't want you to see me like this." Sophie cried. "I didn't want you to know." Tears spilled down Harry's cheeks, not able to take in the situation. He was upset that Sophie had hid this from him, hurt that she was so insecure that she thought he wouldn't like her for this, and in disbelief that this amazing girl was so sick. She seemed to happy when she was with him, he would have never guessed she had cancer. 
   "That's what makes you beautiful." Harry said, kissing her. She smiled softly at him. "It's getting worse. Much worse." she whispered. He looked at her. She did look much worse than she had when he last saw her a few days before. She was paler, weaker, and skinnier than she seemed before. And he could tell it was only going to get worse. He stayed with her that whole day, and the whole night. They didn't say much. Sophie was too weak to speak, so Harry would just talk to her a little to make her smile. He couldn't stand seeing her like this. He even sang to her sometimes, because she always said she loved his voice. When he tried to make her smile, he felt like he was doing it more for him. When he saw her smile, it made him smile too. 
   When the room was silent, he would listen to the beeping of the monitor that symbolized the life left in Sophie. He would look at her, and then at the line on the monitor that he could tell was gradually getting lower. 
   Every week after that, Harry came back to volunteer, always enjoying helping patients and making them smile. Every time he walked in, he thought back to that night, when he stayed with Sophie, singing to her, and holding her hand until the line went flat.

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