Turn The Light Off

This is the English Version!
It's a different tipe of story. Each chapter have one different boy of the boyband One Direction.
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4. We're gonna be three!


One Tuesday a little different. Louis finally got a break in the schedule for lunch as you, at home. You were making carrot salad, rice with carrots and braised carrots. You hear the noise of the lock and you know who you are. I smiled without feeling, because you know you will see her husband. Louis gets behind your back and hugs you. - Hi Loui._you says. - Hi beautiful. Our smell okay huh? _ele Vai stove and opens up the pots. - I hope the taste also esteja._você ri._ Can we eat. Lou helps you lay the table and soon you are having lunch. Louis is making jokes with the food and makes you laugh. For no apparent reason, and you feel dizzy and get cold hands. Before that time to do anything else you run into the bathroom and lunch to boot off. - Love. Are you okay? _Lou Runs to the bathroom right behind you. It was shameful you be embraced with the toilet, but even if you were not feeling well. - Oh I do not know what happened Lou._ You wiped his mouth with a toalha._ But now ta passing. - I think we'd better go to médico._ele went hand in hair ifs. - There must not. To cool. After much discussion, Louis convinces you that he did not need to miss band practice to take care of you. So if you fired him, ran to the phone and called to her best friend. - Amiga, eu._ela'm always recognize his voice. - Say, honey. - I need a favor. Pass the drugstore, buy a pregnancy test and rushes forth. - In half an hour to there. You expected her friend impatiently walking around the room. Her friend enters without knocking and the door will deliver the test. You go straight to the bathroom to take the test. [...] Louis late at night back home. When he comes home, if a little scary with the lights low and soft music. - Love? _ele Question for you. - Hi baby._você emerges from inside the house, with the dress you wore on the day you met. - Wow, beautiful ta! _ele Widens his olhos._ To do all this? Did I forget anything? Our wedding anniversary? - Not your bobo._você ri._ There is a special day. Well, at least not yet. Hey, you hear music _ moments tocar._ begin to dance with me? - Always princesa._ele pulls you by the arm and puts you close to his body, making your head resting on his chest. You slowly swaying to the music. - Lou._ you directs her gaze at him. - Huh? _ele Looks you in the eyes. - We'll be three. - I know. I laughed pretty Kevin._ele and you / you idiotically and laughs. - No Lou, you and me baby. - Baby? _ele Suddenly stops dancing. - I'm pregnant Lou. - My God hold you _ele forte._ boa._Antes What news have you do something else, he kisses you very affectionate. After many Louis kissed and almost break you in both pass through the hand on your belly, you sat on the couch. - Baby, _You pulls ele._ afraid to. - Fear of what my lovely? _ele You look worried. - From disrupt everything. It was time for us to have children. And if you mess up your career? ... - Sh! _ele Puts his index finger in your lábios._ Before a successful career in music, I've always wanted a family. And there is nobody else in this world with whom I want to fulfill that dream. You are a woman of my life. And our son, or daughter, it's just an extension of our love. You look at him with eyes full of tears and snuggles into his chest. - Hey._ele whispers near his neck. - Huh? _You Says. - I love you. Forever.
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