Turn The Light Off

This is the English Version!
It's a different tipe of story. Each chapter have one different boy of the boyband One Direction.
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2. Teenage Dream

You were very young when he decided to make a fan club for their idols, you had many dreams back then .. One of them was to meet them, and today you get it, so all began ... When you turned 18, was doing an exchange to London, auditioned for a TV show called Turn Off The Light, now, was very happy and called their parents, they agreed to let you stay in London for the filming of this this series .. Well, the first episode aired, with record ratings, months have passed and this show was known in most of the world, famously, had fans all over the world. He was at home when I called scoring an interview with the TV channel E! , Marked and everything. Arrived the day of the interview, was the marked location and started the interview, I had several questions, until she asked you a so: - You are the idol of many young and you had some idol when I was a teenager? He answered: - Yes, it's a band, well known, is the One Direction. - Tell us more. - Morria for them, my feeling was true for them, and remains to this day, I'm Directioner since the age of 13, even better, Directioner Brazilian ... - You explained - And have you ever met them? - Well, no. That would be amazing, a dream actually think piraria ... then continued with the interview ... Anne Cox, mother of Harry Styles, was watching his interview when she turned pro Harry and the rest of the band were super excited and wanted to meet you for a chat hit if it was true all you said and etc ... You were at Nando's, when they arrived they talked much said everything to them. Harry asked safadinho your phone, and of course you gave right. Another day Harry called you out for us, knowing better, when you accepted, and were marked everything right ... Harry was getting there with a black blazer, and a scent that you could feel far ... Ate, talked, told stories to him and left, were in a park after, the time flew by when they saw it was 3:00 in the morning, he took you away, with your car, you had his hand on her leg Harry (dirty) put his hands on her, ran his fingers over your ... You took your hand and was in his hair began to curl it the curls with your fingers, he removed his hand from her thigh ... until they came to my hotel, you went out and he said: - Not so soon, baby. He put his hand over his hair, stroked his face and kissed you, it was so perfect, until Anne bind worried because it was late and he had to go into the studio to record their new album tomorrow, then you fired him with another kiss and how her head was in paradise, forgot her purse in his car. He then called you, the more you do not answer, answer to that? To get more deluded, for he knew that Harry Styles relationship was not serious kid, and nothing more than a night ... As you did not answer, he went to the hotel to give you, you were avoiding him, not wanting to have false hopes ... more Her friend who was with you was to take her purse, Harry asked her what was going on because you do not atendedia, came not personally get the bag ... Her friend, who could no longer spoke to him all what I thought he was feeling guilty, then he went away and blew kisses to you. She was alone in his hotel, when Harry came beat the buzzer and said: -Love, I'm sorry if I made you think so, give me one more chance! You opened the door and he came in, asked everything, he was very sweet to you, then you explained to him what was happening, Harry apologized again, you accepted, he smiled. Asked about this guy Brigadier that all artists eat when they go to Brazil, as you were Brazilian made for him, was there in the kitchen, messing the pot when he gets behind you and hugs you, with great force. The brigadier was ready, loved Harry, Niall looked, could not stop eating, your mouth was brigadier, he started laughing, grabbed a paper and cleaned for you, then immediately kissed you and threw you on the couch, the weather was getting warmer, then went to the bedroom, Styleconda was larger than fc's all talk. He was very affectionate with you. They had a wonderful evening. When was the morning, Harry was gone, manteram more contact after that. And so you achieved your dream as a teenager.
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