Turn The Light Off

This is the English Version!
It's a different tipe of story. Each chapter have one different boy of the boyband One Direction.
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1. I Wish


[ Sorry for the bad english :s but we're brazilians!] You and Zayn are in the garden of your home you sit on his lap and he stroked your hair. When suddenly he kisses your forehead:   - I love you angel. - Do you speak - I love you more my little. - He says with a twinkle in his eye differently. - No. I love more. -You do spout - At heart, my girlfriend is perfect. - He speaks proudly. - Gee, are you  cheating on me? - Of course not. You know why she's perfect? He stares at you. -Why? She has beautiful eyes, which matched perfectly with her sweet mouth, her hair is long and beautiful, she has a bipolar disorder that leaves me completely in love with her, has a smile that makes me go to heaven one way that just makes me love her more and more. And she is my only my only one. Got it? This is just a little of her perfection. - He smiled proudly. You smile and let a tear fall. - I'm so lucky to have found you! My world would not make sense without you. - He says, and a tear falls across his face. More before you could do something else tear drops on his face and a glance you and it comes every moment of life to each other without a word to describe everything. He looks up to you and says, extending his hand:   - Dance with me?   You all embarrassed grabs his hand and gets up, but you remember something and says:   -But the music that we dance?   He retorts by putting his head on his chest:   Let's dance to our hearts.   Suddenly a tear runs down his face. And Zayn soon realizes, and he says:   Do not cry, you're too beautiful to stay with that feeling so sad inside.   And you reply:   -I love you Zayn Malik   No-I Love You.   Then he kisses you, he is with his hands on his waist. So when the kiss ends, you go back to lie on the grass, and you're head on his chest, and he stroked her hair. -I have two children ... - he broached the subject   - Me too. I want to be a couple. Girl and boy. So I will have the experience of both. - You reply   - The same.   -Imagine how it must be beautiful ... See the little boy growing up, winning in sports, in school, when you have your first girlfriend ... When getting married. - Are you smiling   - It's ... And our little girl running around ... After playing with dolls and her friends, makeup, her first boyfriend ... (he laughs) And yes, when she marries well. (She looks into his eyes and smiled sweetly.)   - What? - He smiles unfunny   - You said our little girl ... - You spoke, he smiles and kisses you. Then you spot a shooting star in the sky. Love-Look, a shooting star, make a wish. - He said - -I want you with me always! - You reply -I think that you already have! - He laughed gently. -Now it's your turn. - You speak. -Will you marry me? - He whispers.
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