Turn The Light Off

This is the English Version!
It's a different tipe of story. Each chapter have one different boy of the boyband One Direction.
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3. How did you met him?


Asked how you met the love of his life ....

The roughly 9 years your mother gave you the news saddest of your life, she and your father were going to separate. At that moment you wanted to disappear, leaving home and going to the beach. The beach was half empty, you sat on the sand staring at the sea, crying, wiping tears with her hands.

When you look back to the sea 5 boys out of there, all very beautiful, but one in particular caught the attention you .... Course had blond hair, blue eyes and angelic indeed it was perfect! For a moment you had forgotten why be crying, his world seemed clariar the sun seemed to shine more and you felt a different feeling in the stomach .... as if her heart would go out through the mouth. You never knew what was liked most ... the lonely boy began to walk toward him, he crouched in front of him and said: - Hi, my name is Niall. - Hi - answered - My name is * your name * -Nice - he looks at your face, and you wipe the tears real quick, but he realized his expreção tearful and said - why were you crying? - Hmm nothing. - Tell me, please? - It's a long story. -I've got time. After seeing that beautiful smile, those blue eyes staring at you, and you can not resist her account. - Oh I understand, I'm sorry. - Okay. To better now. Thanks for listening. - You're welcome. You are more beautiful to be alone here crying. You chuckles through invergonhada certainly consigueria not see your own face but could see he was getting red. Until he said: - Hmm, my friends are waiting for me to go. - Oh ok then. Bye - Hey wait .... how can I find you again? - Hmm call me. My number is * your number * - Okay then. Later'll call you. Goodbye. Bye. When you come home, was no longer angry, irritated or chateda actually was radiating happiness! That kid really glad you. He lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, when suddenly his phone rang, it was him. You talked for hours, and he asked me to find you with him the next day to a dinner at a restaurant whose name was "Nando's". Accepted. To his surprise he ate a lot! Do not know where all that food would stop, he was so skinny. In the end he took you home, gave me a kiss goodbye and walked away. The next day he called you again, but this time asked you If you encounter with him in the afternoon at the beach where you will know. When he got there he was, thought he would have deceived you, or something .... walked to the edge of the sea and the water lapped at the ankles ... stared at the horizon, when suddenly someone comes behind you and gives you a hug, you turn around and see who he was. When you see just smiled, and so did he. He grabbed her arm and the two of you sat right there in the sea. - I called you here to make you a request. - Hmm, what a mystery! Now I'm curious! - Ok then .... there vai ... I wanted to ask you .. - Ask! - Will you marry me?
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