Forcefully Yours

Angelina Rose is a girl with determination, kindness, spark, knowledge, and one hell of a hot head. While for the most part she may seem like the sweetest and most innocent girl, deep inside of her she a force to be reckoned with. Moving back to Oklahoma to start college was something Angelina was looking forward to, until she meets the school bad boy Damon. For Angeline she sees him as anything but a threat, but to Damon she will be his in a matter of days. Of course trying to tame this bad boy is just something that can't happen. Can Angelina change that?


1. Anger Management


Every girl is entitled to packing everything that they very well know that as much as they say they don't need, they actually might just die without it. In this case I made sure of packing all of my possessions, mainly because I was one of those girls who if they forget even as much as one damn thing they would freak. I'm quite certain that maybe even my own room came with me. I was in the corner of the air port waiting for my parents to come and pick me up. I'm hoping they didn't forget because it wouldn't be the first time that I was left clueless, and stranded. I could have waited out side, but it was way too freaking hot to be standing outside like an idiot. I huffed in frustration, grasping on to a piece of my luggage so tightly that my knuckles were turning white. My therapist told me whenever this happened I needed to take deep breaths, but what the hell did I look like in an airport breathing as heavy as my mother did when she gave birth to my younger sister. I shook my head.


"I swear if in ten minutes my parents are not here I'm going to-" I trailed off when I saw a short familiar woman coming my way.


I knew this had to be my mother because she was smiling at me too friendly for any stranger, and we almost looked exactly alike. I'm maybe a few inches taller than my mom, but to say the least for being 45 she was a bomb shell. For a woman going through menopause, and having to deal with my dad, she always kept herself looking desirable to any man with eyes. Me and my mother had that thing in common, except I think she was way more fond of the attention than me.


"Angelina baby cakes" My nutty mother cried.


"Oh lovely mother, isn't it great of you to finally grace me with your presence" I seethed through my teeth, but with time I began to loosen up.


"I'm sorry honey, but your dad insisted we stop somewhere before we come" She replied sympathetically.


"Doesn't he always need to stop somewhere" I muttered, and finally allowed her to wrap her soft arms around me.


My mother, like always, smelled like her favorite perfume from mugler. I smiled into her shoulder, and for the first time in this long as* "journey" felt like I was truly at home. Before I could pull away another pair of arms wrapped around us, and I knew just who this person was. My father had a tendency to always join hugs, even when his affection was clearly unneeded. Of course I can't deny the fact that I loved my crazy dad very much.


"My little girl is back" He sighed, his hot breath coming down on me.


"dad, your hot breath is really causing me to tear up. Are you late because you stopped to eat at you favorite restaurant?" I asked raising an eye brown.


I should have known that my dad would have gone to his favorite place, and ordered the onion burrito... you could smell the onions from miles away. I'm not even sure why he liked that place. Is it normal for onions to be in a burrito?


"Maybe" He chuckled.


"I knew it"I pointed at him with my finger, and tapped my foot like a mad mom. "Your not getting your proper hug now for making me wait almost, three hours"


"I"m your father, I helped bring you into this world, onion breath or not your giving me a darn hug" He said pulling me into his arms.


I couldn't help but laugh, no matter how hard it was for me to breath. When all the greeting were over with, we began to move silently each person carrying a suit case. I heard my dad complaining to my mother about how much I was a diva like her, and that I needed all of my things with me at all times. Your damn right I need my things at all times, and I'm not afraid to let anyone in on that. Tomorrow I was going to start varsity James college. It was the college my mom went to, my dad went to, my grandma went to, and my sister will probably be going there in the next four years. I almost regretted packing so much when I saw that lifting all of these things up the long princess stairs in my house was going to take a lot of struggle. I mocked my dad when he so effortlessly took two of my suit cases and walked casually up the stairs. I grabbed my big old Louis Vuitton bag, and copied his walk and facial expression, than gaining a giggle out of my mom and a playful glare from my dad.


"Mr stud" I mumbled to myself rolling my eyes.


My room was just like I left it... clean. I wasn't much of the neat freak, but I also hated messed. Okay that was a major lie, I am so OCD. If you were to step into my room not one thing was out of place, and everything was cleaned and polished. My walls were a mint color, my furniture was wooden white, I have a walk in closet and my very own bathroom, My favorite part about my room is the balcony, at times it made me feel like I was a princess. To prove the fact that I am OCD I even couldn't stand the way my suit cases were laying on the floor in a very crooked line, and not size coordinated in the least bit. I bit my lip and massaged my temples. Come on Angie you need to stop letting little things get to you!! I stepped to walk by the mess on my floor, but couldn't resist so I had to organize it. I hadn't taken my pills so today I was at my worst. I unpacked quietly, awaiting my annoying little sister to come home from school. My younger sister Hannah was the mere image of me when I was younger, and much as she annoyed the crap out of me I could never prefer any other person to stand in her place. I chuckled to myself when i remember how she had greeted me the last time. I was expecting her about any minute now.




"Angie!!!" My sister screamed as she burst through my door.


"Hey Hannah Banana" I patted her head like an obedient dog, which was something I knew pressed her buttons.


"Why do you always choose to do that" She muttered aggravated.


"Because I love you" I pleaded watching her eyes widen.


"Awe, my cold hearted sister loves me" She placed a hand over her heart and faked a tear. I hated admitting this, but she was turning into a mini version of me.


"That's it, get out you smart as*" I playfully shoved her out the door, sticking my tongue out at her.


"I love you too" was all she said before skipping off to do the thing she does best, annoy the living hell out of people.


After unpacking all I wanted to do was sleep, but I wasn't capable of sleeping that I was all sweaty and sticky from the heat. I sighed and took a quick shower. When all was done I stepped into my room feeling like a new and empowered woman. Yea right, I knocked out as soon as my tired self touched even the edge of my bed. Tomorrow I was going to be starting school, and hopefully nobody in their right mind decided to mess with me. if anyone does mess with me I'm pretty sure they'll be looking forward to a long year of hell.

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