Town Memories

Emma a small town girl meets one direction in a coincidence of life, they all fall for her, and they decide to take her to her first party to show her how much they appreciate her. She is having a lot of fun in the party so much she finishes drunk and commiting the worst mistake of her life. She goes back to her town where she tries to forget everything; until she gets backstage tickets from an anonymous person, for a one direction concert that is going to be in her town.
Pleasee dont judge its my first movella please comment and help me I would really appreciate it.
Thatk you


4. The welcome look


I did not know how to handle this, I almost fainted when I saw the letter was from Eleanor, Louis's girlfriend my best friend during the time I was there. 


  I decided to read the letter it said:   

Dear Emma:

    I hope you are having fun in your town. After you left the boys have been really sad. Since they are giving a concert in your town I got you backstage tickets. This is the opportunity for you to see Harry, he has changed a lot since you left .  

Hope I can see you soon,



What was this all about . What did it mean when Eleanor said Harry had changed a lot since I left, was it even true ?  


Then a flash back came to my head from the last time I saw her.    

EMMAAAAA! I could hear Eleanor when I was outside the house playing that stupid game of " truth or dare"   

Laura: don't pay attention to her just drink or you will have to go and and tell Harry you love him.  

But... I said while Anne interrupted me.  


What do you prefer? Said Anne.  


Fine... I'll drink. I said   Ok here. Said Laura while she handed me a bottle of I don't know what.   


After that First shot i drank more and more. I was drunk and went in the house for some matches for the new dare the girls gave me I didn't  understand why matches but I still went in.  


Emma, where have you been . Said Eleanor , and she grabbed me by my arm  


Are you drunk? She said   I decided just to run for the matches but I kept falling so I went to the bathroom and stayed there for a long time .  


Emma get out right now or I'll call Harry.    In that moment I saw there were matches in the bathroom and a window.   


I dont remember how I got out but I never saw Eleanor again.  


Then all the fire thing happened and then the girls tht were supposed to be my friends told Harry and Niall that the fire was my idea.  


The flashback ended      


I lied in my bed and cried until i fell asleep.


I woke up because I heard Loud noise downstairs. I went down and I found my mom Cooking dinner


  Hi mom. I said as I grabbed a chip from the bag that was in the table  


Hi honey. She said  


Mom so Eleanor The girlfriend of Louis, invited me to a one direction concert that is going to be in this town. What should I do ? I said very fast  


Wait slow down I though you hated those boys. My mom said   


But... I said as my mom interrupted.   


But what ? Do you wanna go ? Then go I really don't care I only though you hated them, but okay then go.  


Ugh mom, ok I won't go if you are going to be so mad.  


Honey I'm sorry I just don't want to see you as bad as the last time you saw them.   


Mom how many times do I have to tell you that the last time was not their fault it was mine. I said


  If you go, I'll take you. My mom said  


Ok, mom. I said      





After two weeks of long waiting, the concert was here and I was ready for it I had prepared my self a lot for it, because I hadn't seen those boys and Eleanor in a really long time.   


You ready ?said my mom    Yeah mom I'm going I took the backstage passes the tickets and left.  


In the car I listened to music and looked at the window anxiously until we arrived, I saw a big announcement that said "one direction" up all night today at 7:00pm I got excited.  


We got in and showed our tickets and a man took us inside a soon as i saw Eleanor I went to say hi to her she hugged me really hard, after she took me to a room in which the boys were.  


I was really nervous    When I got inside everyone looked at me with a sharp look.   Why where they staring at me that way ?

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