Town Memories

Emma a small town girl meets one direction in a coincidence of life, they all fall for her, and they decide to take her to her first party to show her how much they appreciate her. She is having a lot of fun in the party so much she finishes drunk and commiting the worst mistake of her life. She goes back to her town where she tries to forget everything; until she gets backstage tickets from an anonymous person, for a one direction concert that is going to be in her town.
Pleasee dont judge its my first movella please comment and help me I would really appreciate it.
Thatk you


1. My words


Before starting I want to tell you that I really

appreciate the time that you are taking to read my Fan Fic

Its my first one so pleasee help me,and dont be harsh

Plus engish is not my foreign language so please comment


Thanks for reading really Thank you,


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