Town Memories

Emma a small town girl meets one direction in a coincidence of life, they all fall for her, and they decide to take her to her first party to show her how much they appreciate her. She is having a lot of fun in the party so much she finishes drunk and commiting the worst mistake of her life. She goes back to her town where she tries to forget everything; until she gets backstage tickets from an anonymous person, for a one direction concert that is going to be in her town.
Pleasee dont judge its my first movella please comment and help me I would really appreciate it.
Thatk you


3. Forget and smile

 It was two years later after the fire, and from that moment I never saw any of the guys anymore. I was back in my town and I promised never to look at those 5 guys in the eyes never again, the guys that changed my life, the guys who teached me what real life was, they taught me so many thing it was impossible for me to forget them but I had to erase them from my life. I had commited the biggest mistake of my life and i could never fix it so it was the best descision to stay far away from them.   


I was alone in my room in my pc, when I heard on the radio, something I never thought I was going to hear. I turned the volume up and listened carefully what they were saying :

  "One direction is coming to this town buy your tickets fast they are running out buy your tickets fast."   -

Not going to that concert I'll stay here in this house no matter what. I thought to myself. As I lowered the volume of the radio in which they where playing "one thing".   



I was lying in my bed, when my phone rang and on the screen said Ana (best friend).    I had no desire to answer, I already knew what she was going to say. I still answered the phone and heard screams  across the line I  tried to act excited even if I wasnt. I never told Ana about the experience I had with One direction after all I wanted to forget.


  We had a long conversation about the last news about one direction. And for a moment I forgot all that had happened two years ago I felt like a crazy fan, fangirling across the line with my best friend, I felt the girl that I was before even meeting One Direction. When we hanged up with Ana and I just started looking at all my posters, cds, dvd's,that I had kept in that box painted with red and blue paint and with stickers all around it of the faces of the boys. Finally after two years I had smiled for so long. I was just finishing listening to "save you tonight" when the doorbell rang.    I rushed down stairs to open leaving the music on , 


I thought it was my brother Philip that came back from school, but it wasnt, it was the mail man with a package, I thought it was for my mum, I opened the door and  he said   


-Package for miss Emma Warns. 


- For me ? I said surprised 


-Yes could you please sign here. He said pointing me to a spot in the lined yellow paper


-Sure. I said confused.  


I closed the door, went up to my room turned the music down and opened the package. Inside there where 2 tickets for a One Direction concert a backstage pass and a letter.    I did not know what I was feeling I opened the letter and my face turned pale, I knew who it was from just when I saw the hand writting.


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