Town Memories

Emma a small town girl meets one direction in a coincidence of life, they all fall for her, and they decide to take her to her first party to show her how much they appreciate her. She is having a lot of fun in the party so much she finishes drunk and commiting the worst mistake of her life. She goes back to her town where she tries to forget everything; until she gets backstage tickets from an anonymous person, for a one direction concert that is going to be in her town.
Pleasee dont judge its my first movella please comment and help me I would really appreciate it.
Thatk you


2. A Smoky Ending


 It was October 25, the day that had waited for all these past few weeks, I thought everything would be perfect, because I had planned it for a very long time. But I had to ruin it because of a stupid mistake, and now it was over, the opportunity they gave me was gone.    


I looked around , but the smoke and the sulfur would not let me see or breathe, I felt a little lost and I had a headache, I could not believe I had survived this big disaster, I was happy I was alife, but what I really  wanted was to disappear from that place and be in the gray sofa that I had despised when I was home.   I was sitting there in an unknown place all alone. I suddenly felt something cold ran down my spine I was afraid and did not dare to turn. But the unpleasant smell alone made me turn, it was just a frog that had jumped on my back, I did not care because at that time the only thing that was in my head were the boys.      



At that moment I saw Harry walking by , with ashes in his beautiful face, I looked at him embarrased. I  Tried to take his hand but he dropped mine sharply, without hurting me.  



-Harryyyy! I screamed with all my strength but he didnt turn, he left me there alone in that place full of strangers I had never seen in life.   I sat there on top of all of the ashes the fire left, the fire I made, when I was drunk the night before. I started to remember all that happened and some tears streamed down my face. Until I saw Niall coming to me I hugged him hardly and he did too we stayed there for a long time until he interrupted our hug saying:


    - What were you thinking?


 I could not answer him because I could not began to mourn over it was all my fault that fire would not have happened if I had not been there.  



  Niall hugged me again.     


Thanks. I said   



The warmth of  Niall's arms made me fall asleep.      


When I woke up I was in the hotel, I knew what I had to do I packed everything that had brought with me, my clothe, Zayn's pillow that he had left when we made the sleep over here (long story), the picture of the 6 of us in the ice cream shop and everything they gave me. The necklace whit the little crown that Harry gave me I decided to wore it.


    I took a taxi to the airport, and that was the moment when I realized that everything related to the boys Iwould have to act as if it never happened.  

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