More Lies

The story of how Renee Charlotte Sparks and Zayn Javaad Malik began...


2. Chapter 2.

“Oh my God! Are you serious?” I laughed then stopped when I saw he wasn’t laughing.“You are serious.” I said carefully.“Yes i’m serious! Why the hell would I be joking?” He asked.“Because you’re that type of jerk and no I won’t be your girlfriend.” I winked.Just as I thought someone could save me from this boredom, reality slaps me in the face, I was already counting down the hours until this was over!“Baby wake up.” A familiar voice said, nuzzling their nose into my hair.“No.” I moaned, pulling the duvet above my head.“Come on, Renee, get up.” The familiar voice replied.“Fine.” I huffed before turning around to face… Zayn?!I jolt right up and realised it was only a dream. I was really hot and flustered. I don’t even know how in hell’s name did I dream of waking up to find Zayn in my bed, that’s really weird. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare but it sort of is… He bullied me. He made my life hell. Thank God I was on Christmas break but it doesn’t make it any better since everyone decided to get together for a Christmas party then my mum accepted the offer from Tricia about Christmas dinner at her house. I just stuck with sweats and a hoodie since I won’t be going out today anyway. My mum wasn’t in, no surprise there, I just hope no one stalks her. Ever since the bomb dropped on everyone last night, my facebook notifications have been blowing up and somehow people have got hold of my mobile and asking me to ‘hang out’ or something.When I was touring with my mum, I manage to learn the choreography to some of her songs and taking dance lessons with her choreographer here and there. There was absolutely nothing to do at home so I thought of going for a quick run, I put on my trainers, got my iPod and some cash then went out the door. After about an hour or so of running, I decided to go for a quick coffee and to my surprise I found my mum and Zayn’s parents sitting at one of the back booths. From my point of view, it looked quite private, as if they’re planning to rob the bank, let’s hope that’s not the case.I manage to slip out of the cafe without any commotion. I jogged back home to find some mail, I took a look at them and realised they were handwritten and address to the closest postbox, must have been fan mail. I got a quick shower and dressed into a large t-shirt and stayed in my room. Life have took a big turn ever since I went on tour with my mum, I met really cool people, The Wanted, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo and some others. They’ve been really nice to me and even though Chris and Jason are way older than me, they are like my best friends. i can trust them, I can tell them my problems but I can’t tell my mum because she’ll have Zayn for dinner. Literally. I mean, it’s still immature, bullying others when you’re 18. I decided to log onto facebook and check my notifications. I accepted all my friend requests, from people I know of course and surprise surprise, I found Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam and Louis adding me. Does anyone else stalk the people who adds them? Maybe not… That’s kinda awkward then… I scrolled down Zayn’s profile to find his relationship status saying ‘In a relationship with Shannon Mason’ the biggest slut in our school. So much for wanting me to be his ‘girlfriend’. Bastard. I watched a couple of movies and end up dozing off while watching Love Actually. i was never and will never be a fan of romantic comedy.

(Christmas Day)


I felt my something fluffy rub against my cheek.“Happy Christmas baby. Wake up.” My mum said softly.“Morning mum.” I yawned, stretching up and finding a cute white fluffy dog looking at me. (“MUM!!” I squealed, cooing over the cutest thing that I have possibly seen in my life. “Happy Christmas baby.” She grinned, handing the dog over to me.“Thank you thank you thank you! Merry Christmas mum!” I said, hugging her tightly.“It’s a boy, name him.” She smiled.“Charlie?” I said and the dog started jumping up and down.“I think Charlie likes that name.” I giggled.“Me too. Get ready, we’re going to visit the Malik’s for lunch.”“Fine.” I huffed. “Is Charlie allowed to come?”“Yes, you can bring him but make sure he doesn’t shit all over their house.”“He won’t!” I said quickly before chasing my mum out and looking for clothes in my walk-in wardrobe.After a while of rummaging through my clothes I settled down to a white collar top paired with pink zebra print pencil skirt to add a pop of colour. ( “Mum? Do I look okay?” I asked nervously staring at my reflection.“You look gorgeous baby.” She smiled as a couple of tears started to fall down her cheeks.“Mum, don’t cry, please. You’ll ruin all your lovely makeup. It’s Christmas! Let’s get you cleaned up and we can go visit the Maliks.”“Sorry I haven’t been the best of mothers.” She said.“It’s okay mum, that’s the past.”“Okay. let’s go Ray.” She said, using the nickname she made up for me years ago.“Love you mum.” I said hugging her.“Love you too. Get Charlie and we can go.” She smiled.I picked up Charlie and took the 10 minutes walk over to the Malik household. I haven’t got a lead for Charlie yet so I had to hold him all the way.@RayCharlottex: Merry Christmas everyone. Glad to be able to spend it with my mum this year. Love you mum<3 #MothersAreTheBestIt only felt like 2 minutes from my house to the Malik’s since me and my mum talked a lot, she’s not just my mum but my best friend aswell and I love her for that.“RENEE!” Waliyha said before pulling me in a bear hug.“Ooh! Who’s this?” She said as soon as she pulled away and eyed the white fluffy animal on my arm.“Hey Waliyha, this is Charlie, my Christmas present from mum,” I beamed.“You named her after your middle name, Charlotte, well just the boy version.” She said, blushing.“Aw babe! I’m glad you remembered!” I grinned.“You’re my best friend Ray.”“Love you Waliyha.”“What’s all the commotion?” Zayn suddenly said.“Nothing. Merry Christmas guys.” I said before following my mum into the living room.Lunch was fabulous. Tricia and Yasser kept a flowing conversation, catching up with me and questioning about stuff I did when I was on tour with my mum. Thank goodness Charlie didn’t do any shit in the house or I would be horrifed. Waliyha, Sarooha and Doniya was fairly interested in what I had to say but Zayn looked bored and kept quiet. Strange for him.“Okay, Zayn, Renee, we have news for you.” Yasser said.“Okay…” I said cautiously.“We have decided that you two are gonna get married.” My mum beamed.“WHAT?!” Me and Zayn screeched at the same time.“You can’t be fucking serious!!!” I shouted.“Language Renee!” My mum scolded.“Sorry but I can’t get married at the age of 18!!!”“I’m not asking you to get married straight away, give it 2 years.” Tricia comforted.“I don’t even like Renee that way!” Zayn remarked.“And I don’t like Zayn that way!” I exclaimed.“Sorry kids but the deal is sealed and it’s not up to you.” Yasser said sternly.“I’m sorry, I gotta go. Merry Christmas.” I muttered before hurrying out the door.


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