More Lies

The story of how Renee Charlotte Sparks and Zayn Javaad Malik began...


1. Chapter 1.

Hi there, I'm Renee Charlotte Sparks. If you were wondering about how my last name is the same as Jordin Sparks,  that is because she is my mum. People don't know that she is my mother and that I am her daughter though. No one ever knew she was pregnant since she went into rehab for a year, only some close friends of my mother. I'm 18 though now and living in Bradford, England, United Kingdom. Everyone thinks that my mum lives in sunny California, she stays there for a few months and comes back to Bradford to stay with me. I absolutely hated school because of one person, Zayn Malik. He used to be my best friend until I started putting on a few pounds, but around our parents, he would magically act like we wee still best friends. The best thing happened when I got home on Wednesday, "MUM! You're home!" I hugged her so much. "Renee. Can't. Breathe." "Sorry, I'm just really happy you're home." "Me too, I have something to tell you. I have to go on tour and I want you to come with me." She said hopefully. "Of course I want to come! When do we leave?" "We leave Friday and land in LA and have two days to ourselves before the tour starts." "Ok. I'm gonna need you to write a note for why I won't be in school for 3 months." "Ok, you should get packing and have an outfit for tomorrow." (tomorrow at school) I can finally get out of here for 3 months! "Sparks! Why are you so happy on a Thrusday?" Great, Zayn Malik. "And why do you need to know that Malik?" "Cause, uh-" "What was that, you don't need to know. Good day Malik." The school day went pretty fast, after school you gave your principal the note your mum wrote and drove home. While you and your mum where on tour you took advantage of her personal trainer, got in shape, and found a love for dancing. I made some new friends like Chris Brown and The Wanted. (day you come home) "Home sweet home" "Renee, there's mail for you!" yelled Maria our housekeeper and practically my second mum. There was a letter from my schol asking if my mum and I wanted to attend the Christmas formal. "Hey mum, where are you?" "My room." "I got a letter from my school asking if we wanted to go the the Christmas formal, do you want to go?" "Yeah it sounds like fun, now we can get a mother daughter shopping trip!" Mum picked out this and I got this . When we got there everyone was awing at my mother and some eyes were on me. "Everyone we are pleased to have Ms. Jordin Sparks and her daughter Renee Sparks with us here tonight." said the principal Mr. Jackson said through the microphone. A few gasps escaped from Zayn and his "crew" along with some other students. We just walked to our table we shared with the Malik family, there was one empty seat next to me and I assumed it was for Zayn. I sat next to Zayn and my mum, I tweeted "@RayxCharlottex: at school formal, save me." "@chrisbrown: @RayxCharlotte tell your mom to call me ;)" "@RayxCharlotte: @chrisbrown Uh nah. :p" "@JordinSparks: @RayxCharlottex @chrisbrown I can see this, stop." Busted. You started texting Tom Parker from The Wanted "hey tommy" "hey ray! whats shakin!?!" "are you drunk Tom?" "mayybbbeeee" Idiot. "Renee, can I talk to you outside?" Zayn asked you, "I guess." You guys went to the school balcony while you listened to Zayn speak. "Will you be my girlfriend?"

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