Another time together= love forever<3

Liam(yes, Liam from One Direction) and Bryana have been dating for a couple months now, and they have really hit it off. This is a fanfic about their lives as BF/GF and the new experiences and conflicts they go through over the course of time. Sequel to 'Let Me Love You' (READ 'LET ME LOVE YOU' FIRST!) .


9. Never thought I could love someone so much.

Bryana's P.O.V

Hannah tells me to go home after a couple hours at the hospital. I go home and Liam comforts me after I tell him what happened. He says Louis is at the hospital with Hannah now.

He gives me a kiss and carries me up to bed. I change into one of his oversized t-shirts and a pair of my dance shorts.

I slip in beside him and cuddle up to him, putting my head on his chest. He kisses my forehead softly.

 "I Love You, Bryana." he whispers in my ear. I roll over on top of him and kiss his lips lightly.

"I Love You Too, Liam." I say and rest my head on his chest. We slowly fall asleep. I never thought i could love someone so much until now.

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