Another time together= love forever<3

Liam(yes, Liam from One Direction) and Bryana have been dating for a couple months now, and they have really hit it off. This is a fanfic about their lives as BF/GF and the new experiences and conflicts they go through over the course of time. Sequel to 'Let Me Love You' (READ 'LET ME LOVE YOU' FIRST!) .


2. L.O.V.E

Bryana's P.O.V

The wedding and reception were perfect. Niall and V are truely happy together. The guests all left by 9:30 and V and Niall left about 10 o'clock. Liam and I are back at the hotel, we both live back in England so we flew out for the wedding. We leave tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock.

"Do you have any sweatpants I could wear?" I ask Liam, we are changing out of the wedding attire. "Here you go, love." he says and hands me some sweatpants. He grabs my hips and pulls me into a kiss. His lips slowly connect to mine, the kiss is sweet and butterflies soar through my stomach.

I playfully push him away. "C'mon now! I have to change. He gives me enough time to pull his sweat pants up to my hips and instantly puts me over his shoulder. He races don the hall way. "Toy Story Trilogy!" he screams and i burst out laughing as he gently places me on the couch.

We start the movie and slowy start to get tired as the third movie's credits roll. "Are you tired too?" he whispers in my ear. I nod slowly. He picks me up, bridal-style, and carries me to the bedroom.

I pull off my shirt and hand him his sweatpants back. He takes off his shirt and we hop into bed. He cuddles up next to me, and kisses my cheek. "Goodnight love." is the last thing i hear in my ear beforei slowly drift off. 


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