Another time together= love forever<3

Liam(yes, Liam from One Direction) and Bryana have been dating for a couple months now, and they have really hit it off. This is a fanfic about their lives as BF/GF and the new experiences and conflicts they go through over the course of time. Sequel to 'Let Me Love You' (READ 'LET ME LOVE YOU' FIRST!) .


6. Leaving Ireland

Bryana's P.O.V

After V and Nialler leave, Liam and I finish cleaning up lunch and packing. We then light a fire in the fireplace and read for half an hour. After the alarm telling us it's time to go sounds, we put out the fire and check out.

We drive to the airport and go through Customs and Security. A couple of Irish fans of 1D ask for autographs and pictures from both of us.

I know what you are thinking, 'How is she not getting any hate?'. Don't worry, i have gotten a bunch-but Liam and I work through it. And it has dialed down since we first started dating.

Liam is really sweet, and after the bullying started- he went on every interview and asked 'fans' not to bully me or any of the girls.

Anyways, we finally get on the plane. We saved up money so we could afford first class. We got a snack, and settled into a movie on his lap top.

We had a marathon of Christmas movies including the Santa Clause Trilogy, A Christmas Carol, and Deck The Halls:) Christmas movies are mine and Liam's favorite type of movie. After we finish the movies, an announcement comes over the intercom.

"Hello all passegers! We are beginning our initial decent at this time. If you could buckle your seat belts and secure them, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and welcome to the United States!"

The intercom goes off and everyone buckle their seat belts. We begin the decent and everyone turns their electronics off. Liam kisses my hand and hols it tight.

He has told me before that the decent is hisleast favorite part. He says it always feels like the plane is crashing. He smiles weakly.

I mouthe the word 'breathe' to him. He laughs and takes a big breath, making fun of my comment.


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