Another time together= love forever<3

Liam(yes, Liam from One Direction) and Bryana have been dating for a couple months now, and they have really hit it off. This is a fanfic about their lives as BF/GF and the new experiences and conflicts they go through over the course of time. Sequel to 'Let Me Love You' (READ 'LET ME LOVE YOU' FIRST!) .


8. Hannah's Bad News

Bryana's P.O.V

This morning I am on my way with Hannah to the doctor's office or her 2nd ultrasound. She is 5 months along and things are going well. She said she was thankful that she passed the 1st tri-mester of the nausea and sickness.

Now she has cramps. She has gotten them a couple of times during our drive. We get to the hospital and check in. Hannah goes to the bathroom, to 'freshen up' she claims.

I am waiting for her to come out when suddenly the 'urgent assistance needed' light flashed from the bathroom. I rush over to the door along with four nurses and a gurney.

The nurses quickly break down the door and carry Hannah onto the gurney. I see blood from her dress and it is all over the tile floor in the bathroom.

The nurses rush her up to a room on the 2nd floor. I am by her side running the whole time. I sit with her while the nurses hook her up to all these different machines for heart rate and blood pressure.

The doctor soon rushes in and takes, an almost-fainted, Hannah back for tests.

After thirty minutes of pacing the hospital room back and forth, the doctor brings Hannah back in the room. He grabs the test results out from the hallway and comes back in the room with a sad frown on his face.

I burst out crying instantly. I knew what was coming but Hannah  had no idea. She didn't read into the things that could go wrong due to pregnancy.

"I am just going to cut to the chase. We have the test results had a miscarriage, Hannah.


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