Another time together= love forever<3

Liam(yes, Liam from One Direction) and Bryana have been dating for a couple months now, and they have really hit it off. This is a fanfic about their lives as BF/GF and the new experiences and conflicts they go through over the course of time. Sequel to 'Let Me Love You' (READ 'LET ME LOVE YOU' FIRST!) .


3. 911!!!

Liam's P.O.V

We wake up the next morning and eat breakfast. Bry heads off to Baby's R Us with Hannah to look at strollers. And I am here for the day, so i decide to wash our clothes and clean the kitchen. After i am done, I grab a book and sit down on the couch.

15 minutes after i start reading, my cell phone rings. I rush to grab it and it's Hannah. "Hey Hannah, what's-" I start but she hectically interupts. "It's Bry......" she says. All she has to say is that two letter sentence and i break down in tears. "I'll be right there." I say.

I grab my keys and rush out the hotel into the July air. I get into the car and start the ignition, i pull out of the parking lot. My head and thoughts are swirling, thinking what could have happened. I speed to the hospital, not caring if i am speeding-i need to see her and feel her kiss again.

When i get there, Hannah is out in the lobby waiting for me. "What happened?!" I ask, balling my eyes out. "Her car was in front of me, and out of no where, a car came from the left and slammed into her. She is okay, the doctor said she just has a bunch of scrapes and bruises. But she can go home tomorrow afternoon."

I rush to her room. She is awake reading a magazine about us. Typical, she can never be sad. That's one of the things I love about her. When she realizes me in the room, she smiles. "Hey! What's up?" she askes. I chuckle "You are amazing, you know that?" I say. She blushes. I go over and give her a peck on her lips.

Her smile fades. "You've been crying, why?" she askes. I look down at the tile floor. "When Hannah called me, she seemed so scared. My heart sank thinking about what could have happened. I can't lose you, Bry. I should have never let you go out without me. I would rather be in this situation." I reply honestly. "Liam, it is fine. I am okay, and i get to go home tomorrow afternoon." she replies and rubs my back.

I give her a michevious look. "What..............." she wonders and smiles. I snoggle my face into her neck and she falls back laughing. "Hahaha, stop it-Liam! The doctors are gonna come back in here with all this noise." I settle for a kiss after snoggling her.

I grab dinner for us-Nando's- and we have a movie marathon. I go to throw our trash away in the middle of Santa Clause 2, and she pats the spot on her bed. I scoot into the hospital bed with her. she snuggles up to my chest. I wrap my arms around her, she shivers. "Are you cold, love?" I ask.

She nods. I take off my sweater/shirt and give it to her. "What if the nurse comes back in here and sees you shirtless?" she askes. "I don't care. I wouldn't want you to get cold anyways." I say. We fall asleep at 11 o'clock in the hospital bed.

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