One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


43. Zayn Imagine For Shell(Rachelle)

You were slightly jumping. Only three more people in front of you. Three more people and you’ll mee your Idols. You’ve been waiting for this moment for the last two years. You are a massive directioner. And now, in front of you are your idols. Your heart was beating really fast. You knew what you’re going to say.
It was your turn.
"Hi Liam!" you said with a smile, "How are you?"
'Hey, love! I’m good,thank you! And how are you?" He replied cheerfully.
"I’m good. Just a little excited! I’ve brought you this.-" you said and gave him little turtle."It’s a lucky charm. I hope it will bring you luck."
"Thank you! I really like it! I’ll put it in my wallet or somewhere like that!" he said as he looked at it.
"Really?Oh My God thank you!" you replied ecstatically smile growing on your face.
"No problem." He said as he passed your album to Niall.
"Hi Niall!" you said as you stood in front of the Irish boy.
"Hi Princess! How are you?"
"I'm good,thanks! And you?"
"I’m good, a little tired but…"
"Don't worry, you'll be fine. This will help as well. It's a lucky charm!"
"Aww, in shape of a four leaf clover! Thank you!"
"Your welcome! Can I get a hug? I’ve heard you give best hugs in the world!"
"Haha, of course!" he got up from his chair causing a security guard to step closer. "No, it’s ok, I wanna hug her!" he said to a guard and then hugged you.
"Wow you really give best hugs in the world!"
"Thank you Princess! Remember that you’re beautiful!"
"Thanks Niall!I will!'
You looked at the next boy with a smile.
"Hello, Harry! How are you?"
"Hey babe! I’m good, thanks! You?"
"Good, I’ve went to your concert yesterday! It was great! You, actually, picked my tweet!"
"Really? Thank you for sending that! It was hilarious seeing Lou and Niall dancing the tango! You made my day with that tweet!"
"Aww, thanks, your sweet. Here’s your lucky charm! It’s in a shape of a cat!" you winked at him.
"Haha, thank you! I love it!"
"Bye, Harry!"
"Bye, I love you!"
"I love you,too!"
Next up..Louis.
"Well, hello there!-"Louis winked at you.
"Hey Lou!"
"Hi darling! I like you shirt!"
"Haha, thanks, I knew you’d like it!" you said with a smile as you looked at your white shirt with blue stripes that was just like Louis'.
"Well, you were right!"
You looked at the next person. Zayn. You stopped breathing. He was the boy that you always dreamed of dating.
"Hello? Earth to fan!" He said waving his hand in front of your face.
"Oh yeah! Sorry! just got a but distracted! Here's a little good luck charm!"
"That's fine, most girls love Zayn! And thanks! Awh it's a little heart!"
"Open it!"
"A picture of Eleanor! Thank you so much!"
"That's okay!"
"Bye babe! Love you!"
"Love you too Louis!"
Time to talk to Zayn.
"Hi beautiful! What’s your name?"
"H-hi Zayn! It's Rachelle but everyone calls me Shell." you blushed slightly, he just called you beautiful.
"That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!"
You looked at the ground with a smile.
"This is for you." You gave him a charm in a shape of a music note that had 'vas happenin' engraved on it.
"Thank you! Its so cool! Why are you so shy? Talk to me." he said with a perfect smile on his face.
"She likes you,Zayn. She talked to me right now and she’s not shy! She’s quite funny, actually."Louis said.
You blushed.
"Oh, shut up Lou!"Zayn said.
"Bye Zayn." you said. Girls were pushing you wanting to see Zayn.
-Bye Shell! Love you babe!"
You couldn’t believe that you just did that. You barely said a word to him. You wanted to give him your twitter and tell him that you love him and that he’s beautiful. But you froze.
You sat on a bench and started crying. Someone sat beside you.
"Why are you crying?"
"Two minutes ago I was standing in front of my idol and I totally froze. I wanted to give him my twitter and tell him that he’s beautiful and… I’m so stupid.-"you said in between sobs not looking at person beside you.
"Well you can still do that!" your head shot up as you looked at his eyes. Zayn.
"Oh My God!I-i…"
"I don’t have much time. Give me your number and I’ll call you when I finish with signing! I think you’re beautiful, too. I like your eyes, Shell! You have beautiful eyes."
You gave him your number and he kissed you on the cheek.
"Bye love, I’ll call you!" he said as he left. You couldn’t believe that Zayn Malik just asked for your number.
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