One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


49. Zayn Imagine For Nav

You and Zayn are having a fight because he doesn’t want everyone to know you’re his girlfriend. “I get it, you’re ashamed of me.” You say, storming out of his apartment. Later on, back at your place you spot the 1D ticket Zayn got you. After a few seconds of thinking you grab the tickets and head to the concert. When you get there Zayn spots you on stage but doesn’t do anything. As they get to the second song, Gotta Be You, Zayn jumps of the stage and starts walking towards you. “I thought you didn’t want anyone to know we were dating?” You say as he reaches you. Slowly you feel yourself going red; practically everyone I looking at you. Zayn takes your hand and guides you up on stage. “I just didn’t want you to be harassed by paparazzi or anything. But I was wrong.” He explains. He starts to sing his part of the song, never taking his eyes off you throughout all of it. At the end of the song he turns to the crowd. “Everyone this is my girlfriend Nav and I love her with all my heart” He then kisses you, causing the crowd to aww. “I could never be ashamed of you.” He whispers quietly in your ear
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