One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


5. Zayn Imagine For Megan

You drove home from work, tears almost forming in your eyes because you were so angry and stressed. You had a million and one different tasks that you had to do, and on top of that, your boss had yelled at you for not doing any of them right. Plus, your lazy coworker didn’t help you in anything and just watched as you got yelled at. All in all, it was a pretty bad day. You just wanted to go home, relax, and not have to do anything.
You walked into your flat, slamming the door behind you. As soon as Zayn saw the look on your face, he could tell something was wrong. He was at your side immediately, enveloping you in a hug. “What’s wrong, Megan?” He asked in a soft voice. You just shook your head, not ready to talk. Zayn understood, leading you over to the living room so you could sit on the couch. He sat beside you, his arm around you. You leaned into him, placing your head on his shoulder. He stroked your hair, knowing that it calmed you down. Zayn turned on the TV and got on Netflix, choosing a movie you both loved, Grease. You both sat there, watching the movie and singing along in Zayn's arms and you felt a lot better.
“So, will you tell me what’s wrong now?” H asked. You nodded and moved so that you were looking at him. You began explaining how your day at work went. You complained about your lazy coworker, vented about your mean boss, and said everything that was on your mind. Zayn listened intently the whole time. He didn’t really know any advice to give you, but he didn’t have to. Listening to you was enough, and you both knew that. After venting about your feelings, you turned back to watch the movie, feeling better than you had all day. Zayn always knew how to cheer you up after a long day.
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