One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


87. Zayn Imagine For Gagan

you were so nervous. you were shaking putting makeup on. Zayn came in the bathroom and see you shaking. he ask” Gagan you alright? you fake smiled and you said” what? me? of course i am why you asking!?” zayn grabbed your hands and kissed you. you felt relief vanished and he said”its alright my family will love you or else.” you laugh and he kissed your forehead and he said” now get dressed you will look gorgeous.” you blush and zayn and you got dressed. zayn was watching you. you noticed you feel his eyes burning you. you said”zayn your drooling.” he smiled and you and zayn were ready and going to meet his family. you wore a nice dress and you grabbed the presents, you and zayn headed to his family's house.
soon you made it and you were in the car nervous wreck. you said”Zayn what if they hate me?” Zayn grabbed your hand and kiss it. he look in your eyes and said” they will love you i promised.” you smiled and you and Zayn went to the door. you were about to knock but Zayn opened it and said” im home!!” your hear shuffling and you see Waliyha and Safaa running. they smiled and shouted”ZAYN!!!” Zayn laugh and hugged them both. you smiled and Zayn said” Waliyha and Safaa this is -” Safaa cut him off and said”Gagan, we know Zayn you always talk about her on the phone and send pictures of her saying she is the one!” you smiled and look at Zayn he was red and he said”i will get you two later” you see Zayn older sister walking she said”go play in your room and do something” they rolled her eyes and walk away you smiled and you said’ hi you must be Doniya” you offer hand she took it and pulled you in a hug. she squeezed you and you and her pulled away and you hear “DONIYA IS ZAYN AND GAGAN HERE!?” Doniya said”yes mom!” you see zayn mom running and hugging you both she smiled and said”its a pleasure to meet you Gagan." you smiled and Zayn smiled too. zayn dad walk and shake your hand and said”wow zayn right she is beautiful” you blush and zayn smiled wide with pride. Zayn mom said”lets eat i have everything ready Gagan will you help me set up plates.” you smiled and nodded. you and Zayn mom head to the table and set up and Zayn and his dad were talking.
you and zayn mom were done and everyone sat down and ate. they were so funny and nice. Waliyha said” Zayn when you going to get married?” you choke on your food and zayn stare at her and said”none of your business now eat” Zayn's dad smirked you drank some of your water and continued eating. you and the rest were done and you were and zayn family were opening gifts. you got a scarf and a new dress from Wailya, Safa.,Doniya, and zayns mum. you smiled and thanked them and they loved their gifts they gave them. Then Zayn dad said” we have one more gift left!” you look around the tree and their was nothing and you made a confused look and you said” i don't see it” Zayn smiled and he grabbed your hand and said”there is one more.” he went down on one knee. you cover your mouth in shock and he said”Gagan, i love you so much and my family does too your everything i do and talk about and i wanna be with you forever will you marry me?” he took a box from his pocket and showed you a beautiful diamond ring. you smiled and said”yes zayn” he smiled and place the ring on you. Waliyha smiled and said” i knew it” you laugh and you and zayn were soon married and had 2 kids.
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