One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


67. Zayn Imagine For Emily

You were just working on a normal regular day when you tripped and all the leftover food and drinks spilled all over your wasn’t going well for got angry but just got up and brushed it off.”you okay?” you heard a british voice say and you looked up and saw a really cute guy standing in front of you.”yeah i-im fine.” you said trying not to then saw him smile.”oh im Zayn by the way.” he said holding out his hand for you to shake it.”i’m Emily.’ you said shaking it.”do you wanna grab lunch?..i mean whenever your free or..” he said stumbling with his words shyly.”of course im free on my lunch break in 5 minutes’ you looked at your watch happily and smiling.”okay well i’ll be waiting.” he said with a smile and winked and walked got butterflies in your stomach because you can’t believe a sexy guy like him just asked you out.
5 minutes have past and it was your lunch break and you rushed went out to see Zayn standing there.”hi.’ you said standing there looking at him leaning up against the wall.”oh hey.’ he replied smiling.”so where do you wanna go?”he asked.”wherever you wanna go.” you smiled.”lets eat here.” he said laughing.”oh wow.” you said laughing and you guys headed guys found out alot about thought he was perfect.while you guys were laughing and eating and stuff you found out your lunch break was over and then sighed and said “my lunch break is over.” with a frown face.”aw man.well it’s okay we can do this again sometime?” he asked smiling.”i would love to.” you said smiling guys then exchanged numbers and he kissed your hand and said “later.” he said while getting up looking back at you waved at him.that bad day turned better.
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