One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


84. Zayn Imagine For Analise

You woke up and your turn over and you see your fiancé zayn asleep you smile and you imagine how zayn asked you on that special day...
“Analise get up!!” you put the pillow over your head and said” 5 more minutes mum.” Eleanor smile and laugh and said” not your mum but get up!!” you sat up and said” what time is it and why are you and Danielle here?” Danielle looked at her phone and said” it’s 9 and we're here to capture you!!” you raise and eyebrow and said” you guys aren’t very good.” Eleanor grabbed a blindfold and put around your eyes and said” how many fingers i am holding.” you replied”5?” Danielle grabbed you and help you they open the door and put you in a car. You were in the car and soon they got you out of the car and took you to a house they place you down and untie the blindfold and you were in a bathroom you made a confused look and said” what are we going to do?” they smile and said” a makeover and this outfit!” it was a black sparkly dress. you smile as they got you ready. it took a long time but when they finish they blindfold you again and take you to the car again you were in the car and said” why we are doing this?” Eleanor said” because shh!” you grunted and said” we there yet? I’m tired and wanna take a nap.” Danielle laugh and said” sorry zayn!! But you have to wait. The car stop and you said” are we there!!” they nodded and you said” are we there or no can someone answer!!” they laugh and Eleanor said” yes!” you smile and they took you out and lead you. They open the door and unblindfold you and you see zayn in a tuxedo and at a club with no one in it. There rose petals everywhere and you said” what’s this?” he smile and kiss you and said” Analise I love you and i want to be with you forever!” he went down on one knee and you whispered” omg..” he took out a box and said” marry me?” you kiss him and said "yes!” he smiled and placed it on and said” now let’s have that wonderful date!” you smile and you and zayn had dinner.” *flashback ended* you look at zayn and his hair over his eyes and then they slowly open. " hello fiancé. Ready for in 2 months to be called mrs. Malik?” he kisses your lips and you smile and said” wouldn’t miss it for the world.” you and zayn got married and had 3 gorgeous little girls.
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