One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


31. Niall Imagine For Shelby

Tonight was going to be amazayn! Possibly the best night of your life! It was your first date with Niall and you were going to a Linkin park concert. You were so excited! Yesterday you went to the mall to go get your outfit for tonight, a see through blouse with a cami to go underneath, denim short shorts and high heel sandals. Your hair in a high curly pony tail, you went with very natural coloured make up. It was 5 o'clock when the limo came by to pick you up. Niall stands outside your front door and can barley speak he's so nervous. " Y-You look amazing Shelby." "Thanks Niall," you reply a little bit nervous too, I mean it is your first date with Niall Horan! "you do too." You smile sweetly to him. "Right this way." He says guiding you a little more confident now. You get in the limo and there's t.v, drinks, food. You could just cuddle in the limo all night and you wouldn't care! But Niall had a special night planned. "So where are we going babe?" You asked sweetly. You knew you would be at the concert but you thought it would be a bit early to leave just yet so you were wondering. "I'm not going to tell you sweet cheeks!" He laughed. You begged for give minutes before giving up. It was a twenty minute drive but it was worth it when you got there! Niall was taking you to a fancy restaurant called Merrochini's, you'd always wanted to go but could never afford it. "Oh my gosh Niall this is amazing, I can't believe it!" "I asked your friends and they said you'd always wanted to come here." Niall replied to you. " Thankyou so much!" You hugged him tight. You had a wonderful time at dinner and now it was time to go to the concert. The first song they played was your favourite shadow of the day! You had front row tickets! This is amazing Chester (the lead singer) saw you two and decided to pull you up on stage. "And who is this lovely lady Niall?" Chester asked. Niall answered, "This lady is Shelby and she is off limits lads, cause she's mine." He grabbed you bye the waist and pulled you in close. "We'll this next song goes out to Niall and his girl Shelby!" Chester called to the crowd. They began to play the messenger. Niall pulled you in close and you began to slow dance. "Love, keeps us calm!" Chester sang into the mic. That's when Niall leaned in and Kissed you! It was the most amazing kiss ever, instant fire works! "Your beautiful love." Niall spoke into your ear. You didn't care how many people were watching you stood on your tippy ties and kissed him again. It was the best concert ever, the best first date ever. That night when Niall brought you home he kissed you goodnight and you said to him, "I love you." You slapped your hand over your mouth as soon as the words left your mouth. "Sorry!" He Kissed you on the cheek and said "I love you too Shelby." and with that he left and the most wonderful night of your life was over.
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