One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


80. Niall Imagine For Meghan

You and your parents walked through the doors of the mall and walked past all of the people running around.
You were in a bad mood because there was a One Direction concert in town and your parents promised you tickets but they never got them. To make up for it, they brought you to the mall.
“Stop scowling at everyone.” Your mother demanded.
“No! Stop promising things that you can’t get!” You exclaimed.
Both your mother and your father gave you a warning look before continuing to walk into the mall. You glanced to your left and saw your favorite store.
“I’m going into TopShop.” You told your parents, not even waiting for an answer before going into the store.
You looked around all of the clothes and then heard rustling in the changing rooms. You started to walk back there cautiously. You looked at number 5 and noticed that there were multiple pairs of feet in that one.
“Hush! We’re going to get caught!” You heard a British accent hiss.
"Shut up, Harry!” An Irish one hissed back.
You gasped quietly and walked closer to the door.
You knocked on it and called out, “Uh.. No one is out here but me.. And I kind of need a dressing room.”
“there are four other ones!” You recognized Louis’ voice yell.
“Boys, get out of there now!” You demanded.
All five of the boys came stumbling out of the dressing room. Niall looked you up and down and smiled.
“Hey, I’m Niall.” He said, holding his hand out to you.
“Meghan.” you said blushing and shaking his hand.
“OOOHHH! Niall’s got a girlfriend already!” Zayn whistled.
Niall smiled at you and said, “Well.. Now that the boys think that we’re actually dating then we should.”
You nodded. Not knowing what else to do.
Niall latched onto your hand immediately and started skipping out of the store, not caring if any fans saw you guys.
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