One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


26. Niall Imagine For Megan

You, and your boyfriend, Niall, were sitting out in your backyard, watching the stars. It was your 2nd year anniversary, and Niall had this big outdoor dinner picnic set up for just you and him. You had finished your meals a half hour ago, now you two were just cuddling on a picnic blanket, surrounded by candles, just talking. You told a bunch of stories of how your friends fangirled when you first told them he had asked you out, and some stories about meeting nice fans while shopping one day. He told a bunch of old stories about doing dumb stuff with his mates back in Mullingar back when he was 14. You couldnt believe how perfect your life was at this very moment; you had the boy of your dreams’ arms wrapped around you, and you loved him to the moon and back; no scratch that, to the end of the universe and back. He got done with this one story, and started absentmindedly playing with your fingers. “Megan, you are my princess, right?” he asked. You gave him a DUH look, and then said “Of course, Niall! And your my prince.” He smiled that amazing smile, then he said “Well, that’s good Meg, cause I want you to be my princess, forever.” You felt something metal and cold slide up your left middle finger. You looked down and saw a shining, sparkling promise ring glimmer in the candle light. You beamed up at Niall. “Princess, I promise, from now until forever, to love you and never leave you. Ever since the first day we met, I knew there was something special about you. Now you’re mine, forever.” he said sweetly, kissing your temple. ”We’re a little to young to get engaged, so I did this instead!” he said, chuckling. You didnt know what to say, you were just so happy. You looked him deep in his icey blue eyes, then pressed you lips to his. He was so loving through the kiss, you knew none of what he said just a minute ago was insincere. When you pulled away from the kiss, you just stared up into the sky, listening to Niall sing Die In Your Arms by Justin Bieber quietly.
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