One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


62. Niall Imagine For Lizzie

#Imagine you are getting ready for your prom. You're in your room getting dressed. Niall is going as your date and you promised each other when you were younger you would be each others dates. He is sitting on your couch in the living room. "Nialler! Close your eyes!" You scream as your walking down the stairs. "Why?!" He yells back. "Cause I'm in my towel!" You have lowered your voice because you have gotten closer. "Okay. I'm not looking." He says to you as you walk in the door. You search for your make-up bag. "Don't peek at all okay?" You point out. "I'm reading a magazine. I'm not going to look Lizzie." Niall replies. "You're reading it upside down." You raise an eyebrow as you say it. "Oh shit!" He says a he realizes. You run back up stairs. As you are getting dressed all you can think about are Niall's lips. "Stop it Lizzie!" You say to yourself, "he doesn't feel the same way!" You are nearly finished when Niall yells, "Stop putting make-up on! You don't need it!" You smile the biggest smile ever. You finish putting your jewelry on. As you walk down the stairs in your aqua blue dress Niall's mouth drops. He quickly shuts it. "How do I look?" You question as your down the stairs and give a twirl. "Beautiful," was the only word he could reply. Your smile comes back and it shows your dimple on your right cheek. Niall slips his ham in yours, "You ready to go?" "Yeah let's go." You reply getting excited. As you get to the door Niall stops. "Are you okay Niall?" You ask getting worried. "Mistletoe." He says pointing up. *Crap!* you think to yourself. Five minutes later you open your eyes. It took a while for you to realize that you just kissed Niall Horan for 5 minutes. *STOP IT LIZZIE* you think to yourself, *He is just a friend.* "I love you," slips out of your mouth, "Shit! I meant we should go." "I love you too." He lets you know before kissing you again. You walk hand in hand out the door and see a limousine outside. "Surprise!" He says helping you into the car. You go off to your prom and have the best night of your life.
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