One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


59. Niall Imagine For Jessica

You woke up with a jerk as you hear your phone ring. You take a quick look at the clock on the wall, 8.26. You take your phone of the bedside table and read “Curly” on the screen. What did Harry want at this time of the day?
- Hello? You answer with a husky morning voice.
- Hi Jessica. Do you mind stopping by at Niall’s place? He isn’t feeling so good, Harry said.
- Oh my god! What happened? You ask worried. Niall was the apple of your eye, and just hearing that we wasn’t doing well, made your heart break.
- Nothing major. I think he got a bad chicken last night, that’s all, Harry said. You could hear someone whine about something in the background.
- Make her hurry, you could hear Niall say between vomiting.
- Tell him I’m already on my way, you said to Harry and hung up. You jumped out if bed and put on a white sweater that said “Young nd’ Free” and a pair of jeans. You grabbed your purse and headed out to the car. You drove by a grocery shop and bought a couple of things to make Niall a soup that your mother always made to you and your sisters whenever you were feeling sick.
When you arrived at Niall’s house you took the bags and made it up to the door. You didn’t bother to either knock or ring the doorbell, you just walked right in. You put the bags in the kitchen and slowly walked to the bathroom where you could hear Harry trying to calm Niall down.
- Hi babe, how are you feeling? You said with a soft voice. Both Harry and Niall turned their gaze to you and you could see Niall’s weak face lit up a bit. He was very pale and you could tell he hadn’t gotten much sleep.
- Bad. It won’t stop coming, he whined.
- It’ll stop babe, I promise, you said and sat down next to him by the toilet. You dried of a couple of tears that had made their way down his cheeks. When it came to being sick, Niall could get very scared. He absolutely hated to be looking that vulnerable and not be able to control his body. You gave him a tight hug and whispered soothing words into his ear, making him relax a little bit.
- I’m going to make you a little food and I promise you that you’ll feel better, okay? You said.
- I don’t want food. I never want to eat anything more in my entire life, he whined and rested his head on the toilet seat. Those words came as a shock to you. Niall, not eating? No, that doesn’t make sense. You looked back at Harry that was standing behind you and gave him a shocked gaze. He replied by shaking his head to show that he didn’t know what was going on.
- Niall love, you need to eat, you said and stroke his pale cheek. He just nodded and you stood up, waving to Harry to help you get Niall to the couch. He was heavier than you thought, but you made it to the living area where you sat Niall down and gave him a kiss on his forehead. You gave Harry a hug and told him that you could take it from here and thanked him for calling you. He said goodbye to Niall and walked out of the house.
You started up with the soup as you heard Niall snoring lightly in the other room. You smiled to yourself and continued with the soup. As it finished up you poured up a glass of water and made sandwich to the soup. You put the food on a brick and carried it out to the living room.
-Time to eat, sleepyhead, you said and put the brick on the coffee table. You shook Niall softly and gave him a kiss on his cheek. His eyes flutter open and you handed him the bowl with soup. He hesitantly started to slurp the soup, but after time he ate faster and faster, almost throwing the whole bowl in his mouth.
- Hey, slow down or it will come right up, you said and giggled. He looked at you with his aqua blue eyes and smiled. He sat the empty bowl back on the coffee table and wrapped his arm around your waist.
- I love you Jessica, you know that right? He said.
- I love you too Nialler, you answered and reached up for a kiss, but Niall turned his head making you confused and a little hurt.
- You’ll be sick if you kiss me, he said a little sad.
- I don’t care, you answered and gave him a long kiss.
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