One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


29. Niall Imagine For Isabelle

You were walking around the flat you and Niall share when all of a sudden you trip. ‘’Ouch’’ you say. ‘’What’s wrong baby’’ said Niall while running over to you. ‘’I tripped and fell on my ankle.’’ Niall picked you up and carried you over to the couch. Being sweet little Niall he got you ice for your sprained ankle. Then he sat down next to you with his arm around you and your head resting on his chest. He then kissed your forehead. You guys were watching 500 days of summer because it was your favorite movie. These were your favorite days when you guys just ate popcorn and watched movies on the couch and snuggled. ‘’How’s your ankle’’ Niall said. ‘’It still hurts’’ you said while getting up to get a drink. ‘’Where do you think your going Miss’’. ‘’To get a drink’’. Niall ran over to you as you were hopping to the kitchen and pulled your waste closer to his. He picked you up and put you right back on the couch. ‘’Your not going anywhere young lady. You stay right here. I will get you what you need. I don’t want you hurting your ankle even more.’’ ‘’Nialler im fine. I can get it’’. He got you a drink and sat back down next to you. ‘’Im going to be your policeman for the day. If you get up and try to walk you will get a ticket and have to deal with me’’. ‘’But what if I want to deal with you’’ you said playfully while kissing him. He did anything you wanted him to. He was being so sweet, so caring. When he wasn’t looking you tried to get up, but he turned around quick enough so he ran over to you picked you up bridal style and carried you into the bedroom. You then spent the rest of the day cuddling in bed laughing about all the inside jokes you have and all the funny moments that happened between you and the guys.
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