One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


83. Niall Imagine For Alexis

You and Niall have been really close friends since preschool. you found out that he was coming to visit you today so you went took a shower and came out wearing your best leggings and a cute jumper. you got a text from Niall to meet him at the Ice Cream shop down the corner so left your house. a few minutes later you finally got to the shop. you didn't see Niall so you went up to the counter and order a chocolate ice cream cone and went to sit down all the way in the back of the shop and started out the window. a few minutes past and still no sign Niall so you decided to check your phone.
Niall: so you don't give your best friend a hug and a "welcome back Niall"??
Alexis: NIALL!!!
you got up and hugged him ad of course he hugged you back.
Niall: hey how are you?
Alexis: i'm great now that you're here.
Niall: since you have been waiting here for a while why don't we go for a walk?
Alexis: sure.
you guys left the Ice cream shop and started walking.
Alexis: where are we going?
Niall: some where?
Alexis: like where?
Niall: you'll see.
Alexis: why do you always have to surprise me?
Niall: because it's fun!
Alexis: of course it is.
after a few minutes you arrive at the beach to see a beautiful picnic with a basket full of yours and Niall's favorite food.......well snacks.
Alexis: oh my gosh Niall you did this?
Niall: yeah do you like it?
Alexis: no...
Niall: oh.
Alexis:I Love it!!
Niall: i'm glad. Come on lets go eat because i am starving.
so you and Niall walk up to the blanket and sat down and started eating.
Niall: Alexis. i have something important to ask you.
Alexis: what is it?
Niall: well you see. i'm in love with you since we were little. you are the most beautiful, sleetiest girl I've ever met and i was wondering if you could like to be my girlfriend??
you were shocked that he felt the same way. you could also tell that he was nervous.
Alexis: i would l-l-love to be our girlfriend.
once you said that you felt a pair of soft warm lips on yours. you felt firework, bombs , sparks going off.
Niall proposed to you on your 2 year anniversary. 9 months later you had a baby boy named Jake.
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