One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


21. Louis Imagine For Grace

“Oh, um…okay”, you said as Niall shoved even MORE food into the van. “Okay, I think that’s it. Head count!”, Liam said as he jumped into the seat next to the driver, Harry. “Everyone is here besides Louis. LOUIS?!!?”, he cried. You all laughed when you heard someone from above shout “HERE I AM!” Zayn peered outside his window. “Louis! Get off the van. It’s time to go!”, he cried. Louis slid down the front window of the car and sat next to you. 2 hours later, you were pulling up into the wilderness. Everyone was pumped. “Grace, help me put up this tent”, Harry asked. You agreed and helped him. Harry wasn’t the brightest person when it came to creating shelter. Anyway, Niall was busy attempting to start a fire with Liam nervously shouting at him to be careful. Zayn looked at the ground in disgust, mumbling “I swear if I get any bugs in my hair you are all dead men…” Again, Louis was nowhere to be found. You heard a branch snap from above. Everyone turned their heads to the sound of Louis’ voice. “That was close.”, he said. “Get down right now!”, you called up to him. “Never!”, he replied. After struggling to put the tent up for at least an hour, everyone was sitting down by the fire wrapped in blankets. Just chilling. You were sitting in Louis’ lap as he fed you marshmallows. Niall got up and returned with a guitar. The night turned into a singalong. Towards the end of the night, Louis decided to sing a love song he wrote just for you. He later confessed that the boys helped him write it. “Not write it. More like…perfect it!”, he insisted. You woke up rather surprised that Louis wasn’t next to you. Where could he possibly be? You got out of the tent and saw Niall and Liam eating breakfast. You joined them. Harry ran out of the bushes and hid behind you. “What’s going on, Styles?”, you demanded. “I-I stole… I stole Zayn’s brush”, he panted. Just then, a very angry Zayn appeared from the bushes. “I’m gonna freaking kill you!”, he yelled. “Nice talking, bye Grace!”, Harry quickly said. He was gone in seconds. You started to walk around to “burn off breakfast”. You ran into Louis. “I was looking for you! C’mon!”, he exclaimed and grabbed your hand. He took you deep into the woods. “Um, Louis”, you mumbled. You guys came to an opening. There was a lake. On the dock there was a picnic blanket and basket. “Surprise!”, he shouted. You couldn’t believe it! “I love you so much”, you told him. This date went very well. You ate all the food and even went “swimming” (Keep in mind you don’t have bathing suits with you at the moment). You finally started to head back to the camp around 6pm. “Crap.”, Louis whispered as you walked hand in hand. “What?” you asked. “I don’t remember the way back”, he answered.

(A/N This one I had some help with from a friend so thanks to them and hope you like it!x)
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