One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


6. Liam Imagine For Lucy

“HEY LUCY!" Liam called from his and your bedroom. You walked up the stairs and entered the room. “yes Liam?” you asked looking straight into his eyes. “which one is better for our date?” he asked holding a blue and red plaid shirt. You thought about it and remembered your dress colour. “wear the blue” you said as you smiled and pointed. He smiled and put the red shirt back into the closet. “what are you going t wear babe?” Liam asked. “it is a surprise” you replied as you smiled. He laughed. You began to walk away, but he pulled you back and started to tickle you to make you tell him. ”AHHH STOP!!” you yelled while you laughed as well. He finally stopped. You got up and straighted up your top. “that was rude” you said jokily. ”oh i am sorry” he whispered as he kissed your forehead. You roll your eyes and walked out of the room.
—An Hour Later—
“Hey Lucy?” Liam said before you guys walked out of the door. “yes Liam?” you smiled as you put your heels on. “i just got a call..” he began but stopped himself; he didn’t want to tell you what he had to say. “and?” you asked wanting him to finish what he had to say. ”i just got a call, they need me at the studio” he whispered. ”wha…i thought you took this day off” you mumbled. “i know but they need me” he cried. “But Liam this happens all the time” you began to argue. “but they need me” he responded. “Liam, I know they need you but we planned this before….why do you always pick them over me!” you roared as you took off your shoes and an up stairs. “Lucy!” Liam yelled as he ran after you. “go away, go to the studio! i don’t want to see you right now!” you yelled through the door. Liam obeyed your order and went to the studio with the boys. Once you heard the door close you took of your dress to change into something more comfortable to walk around in. You walked down stairs and started to watch a movie.
—3 hours later—
You started to drift asleep on the couch, until you heard the door open. You looked up to find Liam holding flowers with chocolates and movies. He was taking off the shoes when you pretended to fall asleep. “Lucy?” he asked as he shook you. You tried to hold in your laughter. "Lucy?” he asked shaking you more. You looked up making it look like you just woke up. “Lucy, I am really sorry, i should have told them i was busy” Liam claimed. “Liam it is okay, i understand, they are your boys, they are your band mates and if you said you were busy they could have taken you out, i am sorry i shouldn’t have yelled” you apologized. I am really sorry” you added again. “it is okay, i should have gone out with you, but right now i bought movies for us to watch together, no calls i will turn my phone if you want love” he uttered. You laughed. “it is alright” you responded. He kissed you.
“okay so what movie? Toy story..or toy story two?” he asked holding up the movies. You laughed and pointed to both. ”that’s my girl” he said as he kissed you one more time and put the movie in the DVD player.
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