One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


66. Liam Imagine For Kelly

You and Liam had been dating for almost a year now, But he had been on tour for the last 2 months. Having a famous boyfriend definitely had a down side to it. Luckily, It was all well worth it once you were with Liam. As you laid in bed, Thinking of Liam, Your phone vibrated. It was from Liam, Of course. “Hey bby, i’ll be home tomorrow! Pick me up at the airport in the morning, k? 10:30! love ya xx” You quickly sat up in bed, letting out a squeal of excitement. “Yes. Finally.” you whispered to yourself, Lying back down and sleeping happily. The next morning when your alarm went off, You jumped straight out of bed and put on the cutest outfit you could find! As you rushed to the airport, you stood by the picking up area and patiently waited for your boyfriend. As hundreds of people started to come through the waiting area, the more and more you wished you would see Liam.’Baby you light up my world like nobody else’Your phone rang, You admired your ring tone for a moment, Thinking of Liam, Then answered it. “Hello?” “Hey girl! Let’s get lunch! You busy?” “(Y/F/N), Yeah I’m definitely bus—” you threw the phone down as you saw Liam walking your direction. “LEEYUM!!!!!!” you shouted, running straight towards him. “KELLY!” He shouted, with equal excitement, As he picked you up and spun around. You guys made a total scene in the airport, people probably thought you hadn’t seen each other in a year, Though it seemed like that. As Liam passionately kissed you in front of everyone, you giggled, and helped him carry his bags.
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