One Direction Imagines

A compilation if different 1d imagines. Get requesting and I hope you enjoy reading them! Also, please check out my 1d fanfic Forever And Always!!


61. Liam Imagine For Dana

Another night with the boys. We’ve all just been sitting around. The boys were playing video games but Niall decided he wanted to do karaoke, of course everyone else agreed. Everyone but me.
None of the boys have ever heard me sing. It’s not that I can’t it’s just, Liam makes me nervous.
“Come on, Dana. You’re next.” Niall is giving me a weird, sneaky smirk. I was about to turn him down but luckily my phone rings.
“Yah know, I gotta take this. Maybe another time.” Niall reaches for my phone and takes it right out of my hand.
“Hmm….whose Kyle?” He raises his eyebrow. I sort of panic. I do not want them to know about Kyle. Especially not Liam.
“He’s….my ex boyfriend.” I look straight to the floor afraid of what their reactions might be. My phone stops ringing and I hear someones foot-steps leaving the room. I look up and Liam is nowhere to be found.
“Where’d Liam go?” I ask quietly.
All of the boys look back and forth between themselves before looking back at me.
“We’ve got to tell her.” Harry says gently. Zayn is shaking his head, no.
“Tell me what? Come on guys! I wan-” Before I can finish my sentence my phone rings. Niall finally hands it to me.
“Hello?” I say sadly. The fact that they were all keeping some big secret from me was really killing me. It hurts to think that they don’t trust me. I just, I can’t be bothered with all of their crap right now.
“Hi Mrs. Clay. Yes, it’s nice to be hearing from you too. Uh huh.” Mrs. Clay is a woman I work for. I’m sort of a nanny for her. I used to live with their family but I moved out to finish school and I only have conversations with her every now and again. Sometimes she uses me as an emergency sitter.
“Oh yeah. I’d love too. No. I’m not busy. New baby? Alright. I’ll be round in a bit. Alright. Thank you. Buh-bye.” I hang up and turn back to face the boys.
“You’re leaving?” Niall asks in a sad tone. I nod my head simply and I pull on my boots. As I pull my leather jacket over my hoodie I take a quick glance around. Liam is still nowhere in sight. I’m trying to hod back my tears. I’ve never once left his house without hugging him. I can’t believe him.
“Liam’s going to be really upset.” Lou says as he looks between Niall and me. I shrug my shoulders and grab my backpack.
“Yeah. Bye guys. I’ll see ya….” I turn and make my way out into the hall. I can still see into the living room as I open the front door.
“When?” Niall asks.
“Whenever…” I so badly wanna be rude and sarcastic about it. What I really wanted to say was Whenever we’re not lying or keeping secrets from each other anymore. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
“Tell Liam I said bye.” I take a deep breath and walk out the door. Shutting it behind me. As I step out into the brisk air I feel a tear roll down my right cheek. I take another deep breath and I wipe it away. Something tells me I won’t be back for a while.

One Month Later

“Thank you so much Mrs. Clay.” I thank her as she pays me for being around for her kids whenever she needs me.
“No, Thank you Dana. I don’t know what I would do without you.” I give her a sweet smile and Jane and Jace come running over to me and carry my bags to the front porch. They’re Mrs. Clay’s twins. Honestly my favorite out of all four of the clay children. I hug the twins and load my things into my car. Finally heading back home.
I haven’t talked to the boys in a month if not more. I just, I’m still quite hurt by that whole situation. I know it’s old news and that I should be over it but I’m just not.
I’m almost home but I need to stop and grab a few things. I pull into the store parking lot and walk in. I have been with the Clay family for around two weeks so I needed some food. I just got snacks for the time being. I’ll order take away until I can get off of my butt and actually do some real shopping.
I just wanted to grab a packet of crisps but oh how luck am I to run into the very last person that I wanted to see. I turn slowly on my heels hoping not to be noticed.
“Dana?” I shut my eyes tightly. Crap. I turn around with a very uncomfortable grin plastered to my face. My nose is all scrunched up and I desperately want to drop everything and run.
“Long time no see. You’re back?”
“Uh yeah. I’m back.” I say plainly, hoping he’ll just let me be on my way.
“Hey, hey now. You act like we haven’t been best friends for ages.” I take a deep breath. It’s the only way I know to keep calm through any situation.
“Sorry. I-” Before I can even finish I hear another familiar voice behind me.
“Hey Niall. Do we need-” I turn around to see Liam’s head poked around the corner into the aisle that Niall and I were in. I turned around and my eyes went soft. It was no longer a desperate, annoyed stare that made me look like I wanted to die. Now my eyes were wide open and my face was heating up. I could barely hold back my tears. They were going to spill over at any moment if I didn’t leave.
“Hey, Dana.” I opened my mouth to reply but absolutely nothing came out of my mouth. I dropped everything and ran right past Liam. I bumped into him on the way out and I couldn’t even bring myself to apologize.
I felt absolutely horrible. I finally made it to my car but the tears were coming too fast so I just lean up against it and slid down until my bum hit the ground. My face finds my hands and I lean forward so that my hands are against my knees. I’m so hurt and I don’t even know why.
I never asked to be in love with Liam. I really didn’t. It was never planned. And despite my efforts, I simply could not get him out of my head. Even with being away from him after all this time and still just the sight of him was killing me. tearing me apart from the inside out. Breaking me down into a pile of nothingness. Oh gosh, why?
I breath deeply trying to gain myself. I’ve finally stopped crying. Now my face was red and puffy. I can only be happy that I had left without any make-up on this morning.
I had my hand on the door handle, ready to get into my car just as I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up into my car window to see Niall standing behind me.
“I really don’t want to talk about it.” I whisper with a stern tone.
“Then just listen. I have to tell you something.” I take in a gulp and turn to face Niall.
“Go on then.”
“We should of told you before you left but Liam didn’t want you to know. And I am so sorry that we didn’t tell you. Harry was right. We should have. This is all our fault.” Niall looks to the ground shaking his head.
“What. What are you talking about?” I was so confused. Nothing he was saying was making any sense.
“Liam!” He muttered.
“Liam? Liam what?!” I was getting annoyed now.
“He’s in love with you. That’s why he walked away that day. That’s why he was upset that you were talking to your ex again. Haven’t you wondered why he always wanted you to come over? How he hugs you longer then he used too?” He rambled on and I was in shock. I had no idea what to think.
“I-I…”My words were not willing to come out.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” I look past Niall and there’s Liam. I lick my lips and I can’t take my eyes off of him.
“Liam, I-” Niall moved out of the way and Liam was now right in front of my.
Light tears start rolling down my face. I go to wipe them away but before I can Liam grabs my hands and pulls me into him. I wrap my arms around his waist and I hold on tight. After a little he pulls back just enough to look me in the eyes. His hands find my face and his thumbs wipe away my tears.
“Why are you crying silly girl.” I giggle a little and try to regain myself enough to speak.
“Because I’ve just…I’ve missed you so much. I love you Liam.” I hadn’t realised what I’d just said at first but as soon as I did my head shot up and Liam’s lips met mine.
“Took you long enough.” I smile against his lips. “I love you too.”
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